A crafty request, the return of the Eggy Wegg depot and beer week!

Attention all reusers and recyclers!

Our queen of crafts, Mrs. Darling, is a little short on glass and plastic bottles for this weekend’s Danforth East Arts Fair crafts, particularly for Saturday. So before you throw any jars or bottles in the blue bin, can you put them in a bag and bring them with you to today’s East Lynn Farmers’ Market? They can be dropped at the Kid’s Kourner. Or bring them to the Art’s Fair and drop them off at the craft tent or the DECA table.
Thanks! Mrs. Darling appreciates it so very much!!!!
Eggsiting News!
This is a message from Alysa aka ‘the eggy wegg lady’!
The fantastic West Lynn Eggy Wegg depot is now back after a brief summer hiatus.
Since February of this year over 400 dozen of some of the healthiest, freshest and most ethical eggs one can eat has passed through the depot into the hands of our neighbours.  The eggs come from Hope Eco Farms in Aylmer.  They are hard to find in stores and normally are sold for up to 25% more than we can get them through the depot.
Through the profit share, we were able to give almost $100 to a local not-for-profit that one of our neighbours is starting that helps children with hard-to-treat skin diseases.
If you would like to take a stroll every week to pick up these beautiful happy chicken eggs that have been laid within 6 days of being delivered, click here to contact Alysa.
Beer Week!
On September 17th, a Beer Week pub crawl will include a visit to Sarah’s, in our neck of the woods.  Click here for details.
On September 19th, another beer-related event will take place at Morgan’s, just outside the DECA zone, but close enough that some of us might want to check it out!  Click here for details.
Let’s keep patio season going!!

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