Art of the Danforth

Join us tomorrow for the Make A Joyful Noise parade, proudly presented by DECA with the generous support of Silly Goose Kids and in conjunction with the amazing Art of the Danforth!  The face paint starts flowing at 10:30 a.m. at East Lynn Park near one block west of Woodbine and Danforth.  Come dressed in full costume or just a funny hat. Bring your favourite instrument and join our little walk around the park.  We’ll have some bubbles at the end, but feel free to bring your best bubble blowers too!

There are tons of art installations going in and on the Danforth today. This Art of the Danforth party goes on from May 20 – June 10 so take a look at the website or pick up one of the programs and get in the game.  The Make A Joyful Noise Parade kicks off the fest, but there’s lots more happening tomorrow too.  Art of the Danforth is an absolutely incredible event right here in our neighbourhood. It’s the brainchild of a few local people who believe that art can build community – and a whole lot more. It’s been two years in the making. Check it out.

Sunday, May 20:

10 am +                Art installations and exhibits – lots of them!
11 am                    Make a Joyful Noise Parade at East Lynn Park
11 am –2 pm      TIMEANDDESIRE Performs AUC Workers (Artists Under-Cover) various sites

11 am – 3 pm     Stories You Haven’t Heard Rendez-Vous Restaurant Bar & Cafe (1408 Danforth Ave)
1 pm – 3 pm       Traffic Jam Circus Coffee House (7 Woodmount Ave)
1 pm                      Ten Minute Paint Fight! Assemble at 12:30 pm at Ladysmith & Danforth
1:15 pm                Art Amble Meet at Ladysmith & Danforth, after paintfight
3 pm – 4 pm       Storytelling in front of “Integration” (2013 Danforth)
4 pm                      Art Amble Meet at LucSculpture School & Studios (663 Greenwood)
8 pm                      Feast in the East #1 Danny Greens (1218 Danforth Ave)
9:30 pm-ish         Intersection performance @ Glebemount & Danforth (Intersection)

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