A Cluster Of Danforth Gems

Plank Road Market

Many of you will know that the inaugural project of DECA’s Business Revitalization Team was to help what was ‘Michael’s Meats’ re-invent itself as Plank Road Market.  Now Roger and Julie have bought a building (instead of renting) just west of the old location at 1716 Danforth (across from McDonalds) and have opened a new and beautifully- improved Plank Road Market.  You’ll think you’re shopping in Yorkville it’s so pretty.  They are having a grand opening this Sunday, October 31st around noon for a BBQ and live entertainment.

From our favourite local shopper , Pat, a visit to Jenny’s Floral Boutique and WAG on the Danforth.

I stopped in at Jenny’s,  the new florist shop (1898 Danforth).  She made me a beautiful bouquet–terrific presentation–for $15 plus HST. Jenny is originally from Hungary and had a floral shop there. This is her first Canadian venture and I certainly wish her well. The shop is bright and clean and very nicely decorated.

Also, a shout-out to WAG on the Danforth. In addition to offering an outstanding selection of well-chosen pet supplies, Ruth is a fount of information on all things cat and dog-related. Very reasonable prices too. Makes shopping locally a treat and a bargain.

Looks Matter

I’ve noticed a few long-time businesses who have recently put up new signs, Seb’s Cappuccino (1928 Danforth) and Everybody’s Hair (2144 Danforth).  One thing we’ve learned through the Business Revitalization Team is that signage is darn expensive.  But, it is so incredibly important both for drawing in customers and for improving our streetscape.  So thanks guys, for the new signs.

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  1. Where is Mike’s located? We always get from Olde Yorke (Leaside) or British Style (Coxwell/Dundas). Both are great but would love to try something even more local.

  2. If I recall correctly, Mike’s Fish and Chips is on the north side of Danforth, east of Woodbine. Never been in there myself, but I may give it a try…

  3. Gledhill kidlets (and parents) LOVE their poutine!

    If you order it to stay you can avoid the styrofoam.

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