Error Alert.  The VSVSVS Free School is actually Sunday, instead of Saturday.  (Apologies if you went today!)

It should be:

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2012:

VSVSVS – The Free School!
Inside 1238  Danforth Ave – Cosmic Janitorial Services (1 PM – 3 PM)
Going head to head with 2000 + years of pedagogy, VSVSVS have established the Free School – your one stop shop for learning all manner of useful (and not so useful) things. It all starts at 1 PM (TOMORROW, SUNDAY, MAY 27th), with David Hanes  who’ll teach you how to Rock Short Shorts (in addition to Post-Internert theory).
Then, (still on Sunday, May 27) Ryan Clayton will teach you how to make, complete, and maintain an Elastic Band Ball.
Finally at Sunday, May 27, 5:00 pm, Anna Kovler  give you A Lesson in Denial, as well as  A Lesson in Scissor Use and because she’s nice, A Lesson in Positive Visualization and Materialization.

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