Winter In The Park

Wow.  My family and I went to East Lynn Park on Sunday afternoon.  I counted roughly one hundred people sledding and another 20 or so on the skating rink along with several other folks walking dogs and playing in the park.  Let me reiterate the big thank you to Beth Binnington and the other neighbours who created and maintain that rink.  Actually, I’d rather word didn’t get out how great it is, so keep it under your hat, o.k?

Also, check out this post from the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Association about the Esso/Timmies development at Danforth and Greenwood

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures, the turn-out at the rink has been fantastic . Just want to point out that another neighbour deserves much of the thanks for the rink; Bill Schnurr has also spent many hours making it-you may see him out there by moonlight many a night-

  2. Bravo to you guys, you should get a medal. Making the effort results in a lot of happy times for a lot of people. I still remember my childhood outdoor skating and hockey — and I’m getting rather old :).

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