Who Brings You The Funnest People In Town?

This week at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market, our 4:30 fun includes Trevor Rogers, the coolest unicycler you’ve never met.  Trevor learned to ride a unicycle in St. John’s Newfoundland after he saw someone riding off-road in the York Regional Forest.  Amazed, he tried it and discovered an incredible passion.  Trevor says the focus and physical stamina required for uber-unicycling sends him into a state of bliss.  What can he do on a unicycle? Get around the city, wrestle, throw knives and snowballs, sword fight, knit, spin fire, play a flute, race streetcars, juggle and rollerblade while unicycling and juggling.

Trevor lives at Pape and Cosburn and is a handyman/house painter.  He also teaches people, by donation, to rollerblade, unicycle, juggle and many other things that help create fitness and mind and body spirit.  But the most important thing that you should know about Trevor Rogers is that he absolutely loves coconut cream pie.

Not Far From The Tree

We’ve talked about this group before in these pages, but t’is the season to mention it again suggests Kim from the East York Rotary Club. Not Far From The Tree will pick your fruit tree and divide the bounty between you the tree owner, the volunteer pickers and community groups who can make use of the fruit.  It’s genius.  This year they’re also tapping city maple trees for syrup.  Double genius.

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  1. Okay, I’ve taken shopping local to new spending heights: we bought a “scratch and dent” Kitchenaid Gas Range from the new store near Woodbine, RHD Appliances.

    No scratches, no dents but it was missing one small part, which the RHD owner ordered in for us, as he promised. What a great deal: $700, delivered and the same stove would otherwise go for about $2400.

  2. Buenos Dias, Deca Diarist and diarees’,

    my name is Alana and I am the new coordinator for East York. I’ll be tabling next Thursday (the 29th of July) at the East Lynn Market, and I look forward to meeting any neighbourhood allies. Like i said, I’m new to the ‘hood, so I’m counting on you guys to show me the ropes!
    hope to see you there,

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