We need you to adopt a tree!

This time of year I’m so thankful for the glorious shade provided by the trees along my street. The DECA Tree group is looking for volunteers to ensure that our community trees can grow and thrive – thanks to those of you who have already taken this on, but we need more help.  Keep reading to learn more…



Thriving trees clean and cool our air, and provide wonderful shade.

Every year, the City of Toronto plants thousands of young trees in our front yards, on our boulevards and in our parks. Sadly, most go without water and suffer from stunted growth. Too many more die from neglect. For so many good reasons, we need these trees to thrive!

Would you like to adopt a tree in the neighbourhood? It can be a rewarding project for individuals, families and streets.

The DECA Tree group is busy compiling an inventory of City trees that need water this summer. Trees can lose up to 95% of their roots when transplanted so they need to be watered regularly during this critical phase.  If you are interested in adopting one of these trees, please contact DECA Tree by clicking here. We will give you the basics of tree care and find a tree near you.

Thank you!

Five valiant golden honey locust trees, just north of Woodbine subway station along Strathmore Avenue, have been adopted by East Toronto Climate Action Group (ETCAG) with support from Valu-mart. Perhaps you have seen volunteer extraordinaire Susan Crofts with her buckets, giving these beauties the many gallons of water they need each week? These trees were planted in fall 2010 as a joint effort between the TTC and local tree advocate Mary-Margaret McMahon (who has since been elected to City Council!). Thank you Susan and ETCAG!


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  1. What a great idea! I love trees and have noticed some of the new ones looking a bit sad… I often worry that they might die but I never knew exactly what to do about it. Thanks DECA Tree, Mary, Susan, and everyone who will sign up now to adopt a tree or trees!

  2. If you are near or around Monarch Park, there will be around 70 new trees planted there in October! An Adopt-a-tree program is in place and is being organized by Steph, a Monarch Park avenue resident. There are already many adopters but more are needed.

  3. I believe those 70 new trees are trees in the Park and they’ll need watering until the ground freezes. There are lots of new street trees that need attention around Monarch Park so hopefully people will adopt a tree outside their home and also a tree in the park .

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