Wanna be King/Queen of the ‘hood for a day? AoD is coming this FRI!

If you’ve never been to Art of the Danforth, think of a Nuit Blanche during daylight hours (Jour Blanche?…or Jour Blanc if you want to get picky). It’s fun and thought provoking. DECA even has our own event this year.

To get you in the mood now for AoD’s opening party is this FRIDAY, check out the ways to participate even before the 10 day art fest-extravaganza begins:


A series of whimsical installations, performances and workshops in which a neighbourhood king or queen is elected each day and treated like royalty.

Schedule: daily

How to Get Involved: Nominate a friend, loved one or yourself to be Queen Dani IV or King Dan IV for a day! Ideal candidates for Sean Martindale’s project are those who have a passion for the Danforth East community, are a valuable contributor and/understand the true meaning of being a neighbour. There is no age restriction, so we encourage nominations from all sorts. Candidates for DANI/DAN IV can be elected through email to dani (at) eastendarts.ca


A traveling information-booth-cum-trading-post that collects and distributes personalized conceptual maps of the neigbourhood created by passersby.

Schedule: daily

Location: random [TBA]

How to Get Involved: Before the festival dates, Rebecca Noone, will be creating preliminary maps for distribution based on prior interactions with community members and volunteers. Rebecca would appreciate assistance from local volunteers, so please contact the artist at rebnoone (at) gmail.com if you wish to help in her mapmaking project.


An interactive run and relay race resulting in a silkscreen performance. Printed t-shirts hang on laundry lines, creating colourful festival flags.

Schedule: Sunday, May 11. 12 – 5

Location: Allenby Theatre Parking Lot

How to Get Involved: The artist, Mango Peeler, would like to reach out to the running and fitness communities in the neighbourhood to create awareness for his relay race, as well as students from the local schools. A more detail schedule will be announced a week before the run. Volunteers to maintain the various stations along the race route and the silk-screening stations at the finish line are needed for the day of the run. If interested, volunteers can email info (at) aisle4.ca.


The burning of a 12-foot obelisk questions the authority of borders and monuments, marking a semi-official opening ceremony to the festival.

Schedule: Saturday, May, 3. Sunset.

Location: Felstead Park

How to Get Involved: Everyone is welcome to a giant bonfire, acting as the Opening Ceremonies of the Art of the Danforth Festival! Bring your lawn chairs and campfire songs.




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