Trees, Night Out with Neighbours & S Sense Closing Sale

DECA Tree Meeting

If talking trees in your thing then you should head to CakeTown (2039 Danforth Ave) this Saturday.  The DECA Tree group will be meeting to talk trees at 1o am. You’ll recognize the group – they all have leaves in their hair.

Night Out with Neighbours: Ethiopia Edition

Last Thursday a group of neighbours got together for the first ever Ethiopian Culture & Cuisine night at Rondez Vous Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant (1400 Danforth Ave).  Event organizers Susan and Tara provide an overview of the night below.  For a look at more photos from the evening check out the DECA Facebook Page.  Looks like we can expect more culinary fun in the future!

Banchi roasting coffee beans.

Banchi roasting coffee beans.

We arrived at Rendez-vous restaurant, warmly greeted by Banchi in her lovely African dress and were instantly transported from the February cold into the warmth of an Ethiopian evening.  Banchi graciously gave everyone a glass of wine to enjoy with our delicious appetizer and then a scrumptious platter. She taught us how to use our hands to eat the Injera bread. That took a bit of getting used to and then there was no stopping us! The mildly spiced plate of curried meats and vegetables warmed our insides and satisfied our souls. This was followed by the wonderful coffee ceremony, an aromatic experience that filled the air. Banchi roasted the coffee beans with cardamon right in front of us. The taste of Ethiopian coffee melted the palette, and finished off the meal perfectly.

The night was capped off with a performance by Ethiopian dancers, Eske and Frey, in their colourful costumes. The African music and smiling faces of the dancers even moved us to join in and learn a few steps.  For most of us, it was the first time we experienced Ethiopian cuisine and culture – and we all said, we are definitely returning to the Rendez-vous.

Due to the success of this dinner night out, it was suggested that we do this more often at the other restaurants along the Danny.  So stay tuned for possible Italian, Thai, Mexican cuisine and culture nights!

Susan & Tara

Closing Sale at S Sense

S Sense in Design is closing their storefront located at 698 Coxwell Ave to focus on design consultations.  Everything in the store is on sale, including lighting, home accents, and the displays. Laura is also offering onetime free home consultations during the month of April – hurry before she gets booked!  Her last day is March 23rd so you still have time to say goodbye.  Store is open Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 5 pm.

Psst: We hear that a very familiar business might be taking over this beautiful storefront soon.  Stay tuned!

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