Tool Library Update – please read and share

A crowdfund campaign, Kitchen Library and all the benefits of being a supporter – read this note from Ryan at the Tool Library, and spread the word about this soon-to-be amazing Danforth East resource!


Dear all,

We at the Toronto Tool Library have just launched a crowdfund campaign to complete renovations and set-up our new Tool Library & Makerspace for success. To open our doors this fall, we need to fundraise $16,000 in the next 26 days!  There are many ways to help: Purchase a membership now to save money, get great rewards like event tickets, 3D prints and t-shirts or share this video!

Click Here to Watch the Video! 

The new location at 1803 Danforth (near Coxwell station) will be an expanded resource library alongside a Makerspace workshop. The Makerspace will be a community hub with 24/7 secure access for members, a fully stocked wood-working shop, 3D printers, a Laser Cutter, youth programming and more. The facility will also host the upcoming Kitchen Library, complete with culinary and household items like juicers and bread makers.


Institute for a Resource-Based Economy


For more information, please contact Ryan by clicking here.

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