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What’s Up At Danforth and Woodbine?

What’s not. It looks like the old CIBC building on the southeast corner will become a BMO – Bank of Montreal.  Across the street on the northwest corner, we’ve confirmed a Dollarama will be opening up shop. This is a link to a recent story on Open File about the condo development. Cozy Cafe is now offering breakfast everyday and yoga on Thursday evenings.  And on Monday, don’t forget about the Stay and Play In Your ‘Hood activities and promotions at Silly Goose Kids, Celena’s Bakery, Circus and Cozy Cafe.

The Day After Yesterday

Robin Green is  is a local writer who recently published an e-book novel set around Danforth and Woodbine in the present and back in the 1850s when the area was farmland.

Three sixth grade friends discover strange marbles in the weedy yard of a house near Gladstone school. Why do the marbles keep appearing? And why, whenever the children touch one, are they instantly transported from a cool Toronto spring to visions of a hot country summer? The marbles are more than the kids bargained for, showing the children images of a lost century. They see a hamlet where cars, telephones, electric lights are unheard of, and a farmhouse where a young couple mourns the death of their teenage daughter.  When one of the friends goes missing, the others decide the marbles are for more than visions. They have a friend to rescue, and not one but many lives depend on them. 

The book is available for download to a Kindle, iPad, Kobo, or other online device, or for reading on a laptop, from You can read the first 7 chapters (out of 22) for free, or buy the entire book for just $2. Isn’t that the neatest thing you learned about today?

Hirut Hoot

Staying close to Danforth and Woodbine, check out Hirut Hoot – a ‘comedy  night spectacular!’ This lovely Ethiopian restaurant will feature comics Rhiannon Archer, Kevin MacDonald, Scott McCrickard, Matt Shurt, Ron Sparks and Winston Spear. Carolyn Bennett is the host. It begins at 9 p.m. and the cover is $5. If you order a meal, that $5 will be discounted off your bill. If this inaugural event is successful, organizers hope to make it a monthly gig.

Councillor Davis’ Skating Party
Sunday, February 26, 2012, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, at the East York Memorial Arena, 888 Cosburn Ave. 
 Join Councillor Janet Davis for some skating fun, a figure skating demo by one of the East York Skating Club’s syncro teams, face painting, crafts, prizes and cookies.  Children under 7 must wear a CSA approved helmet. Ice skate rentals are available. For more information please call 416-392-4035.


Alyssa Golden lives in the neighbourhood and is bringing in farm fresh, free range eggs. She needs to buy 30 dozen/week to make the minimum order from the farmer. If you would like more information, contact her at alysagolden(at)


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