The Market this week: Cookbook Swap & A Basket Full of Learning


Cookbook Swap

Recently switched from paleo to vegan? Find you don’t make sushi from scratch like you thought you would? Bring your unwanted cookbooks to the market this Thursday and trade them in! Stop by the D.E.C.A. booth and see what has been shared in the Cookbook Swap!


A Basket Full of Learning

One of the best things about our farmer’s market is how every generation shows up, every Thursday, to pick up this week’s basket full of fruits and veggies, say hello to friends and neighbours and take part in whatever fun activity is on tap that week. From seniors to newborns, we’re one friendly bunch!

One of our favourite things is watching young children learn about the market and what it stands for: healthy, locally sourced foods, community building, engagement, and connection. Taking your little this week? Here are some fun ways to help them engage and learn while at the market:

Give them a few dollars to spend on their own: With $3 in hand, a child can learn a lot about making choices (apple or pear? Or I’ll treat dad to his favourite, plums?), communication (interacting with our farmers and merchants) and responsibility (whoa, I have THREE dollars to spend! All by myself!). Watch as they confidently make purchases and figure out why buying local is best.

Touch, smell, taste: A great activity for toddlers, park it on a blanket at the market, take out the fruit and veggies you just bought, and explore the wonderful summery goodness together! Touch, smell, and bite! Bonus learning involves teaching the names of the different goodies you bought.

Please and thank you: Did you accidentally bump into someone? Want to show gratitude to one of the vendors? As your children watch you interact with others in the market, they’ll pick up on your cues, such as polite manners and thankfulness for the wonderful things we’re provided at the market—and the people who make it happen!

Dinner planning made fun: This one is great for older kids—help them understand what it means to get dinner on the table every night. Get your kids to be the meal planners! Work together to come up with a meal that you make solely using what you buy at the market. Bonus points for cooking it up together!

Everyone belongs: Our market is at the heart of our community. It’s a chance for us to gather, connect and relationship build. Encourage your littles to do the same! Together, say hi to a vendor, ask their name and where they’re from. Say hi the next week, and let them know how you used those carrots you bought from them. Maybe encourage them to bring some bubbles or hit the swings after and make a new friend. It’ll empower your kids to start recognizing they’re a big part of their community and that they have a voice in it!

Wellness Booth:

Our Wellness booth will be Audacious Willow Pilates.  Enjoy 15 minute 1-on-1 Stability Ball sessions with Harjit a Pilates instructor at Counterbalance Studio Pilates. No previous ball or Pilates knowledge is required as we’ll start with exercises at your level. You’ll feel energized, stretched out and improve your plank!

We’ll see you at the market!

The East Lynn Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3-7:00 p.m. between June 1 – October 19 at East Lynn Park, located on the south side of Danforth Ave, just west of Woodbine Ave. Stay up to date by visiting the East Lynn Market Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.

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