The Arts Today

Gledhill Public School’s grade 6 class created this mural on the back of the Honda building.  Not only does the ‘graduating’ class get to leave some permanent memories but it spruces up the view for the community and the kids at the playground and deters further tagging.

True  Brew

This Friday (July 9th) stop in to True Brew Cafe at 2116 Danforth for live jazz.  Ed Kopala from the Twelfth Fret and his trio will be playing.  Susan will be giving out samples of the new cold coffee blender drinks.  Kids are welcome.  There’s no cover charge, but you can donate to the musicians if you’re so inclined.  They’re also thinking of having open mic night for those musicians who want to play a song or two.

Lost Your Keys At The Farmers’ Market?   We’re holding them hostage, but will entertain ransom offers.

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