Updates, movies and next DECA Board mtg!

Hello Neighbours!

As we head into a couple of days of heat advisory, a small reminder to please check on vulnerable neighbours, take extra care with kids and pets, and please please please water your trees. Buckets full of water for the trees please. (If you have a moment to spare, please water some trees at a park or in a schoolyard!)

And now for the news…

Merrily, merrily is here to stay!


Another one of our pop-up shops has just become a permanent store on at 1854 Danforth (beside Oaks ‘n Acorns) – congratulations to Merrily, merrily!  If you haven’t been yet, they are a go-to for new, nearly new and handmade goods for babies, kids and even moms-to-be. It’s a lovely shop, and they have even more stuff for sale online: www.merrilymerrily.ca.

Could this get any better? Yes! They are a consignment shop, so every purchase puts money in the pockets of your neighbours as well as these local mompreneur owners. Win-win! And don’t forget the summer pop-up promo on until August 31 with current and former pop-up shops, which will save you the tax at Merrily, merrily (click here for more info on the promo).

Gentle reminder: Permanent stores are only permanent as long as we support them. SHOP LOCAL!

Speaking of awesome local shops…

Face to Face Games is celebrating their 1st Birthday!

This Tuesday, August 18 please visit Face to Face Games to enjoy 10% off everything in the store and buy-one-get-one-free lemonades all day long.

2077a Danforth (above Pizza Pizza, @ Woodbine)

Face to Face Toronto’s awesome cafe
A few things you should know about this amazing shop:

  1. It is packed every night. Packed.
  2. They have an amazing cafe full of fresh, healthy and very affordable meals, snacks, coffee and their signature house-made lemonade and iced tea. Seriously. You need to try it.
  3. The owners want the space to be as much a neighbourhood drop-in as a shop. There are games on hand available to play for free (they have games for all ages) and they encourage people to bring along their favourite game from home to play as well. No catch, just a sincere interest in wanting to be a place where people gather.

Go there on a date, with your friends, with your kids, or go theire by yourself. You’ll love it!

Board games to Board meetings…and who doesn’t LOVE a good Board meeting?

DECA Board Meeting

This Tuesday, August 18 will be he next DECA Board meeting. Do you want to join us? We are trying something new this time, and will spend 7:30-8:30 with no formal agenda to give us a chance to chat with anyone who chooses to join us. Come and say hi and have a beverage with us (not on us)! If you want to stay for the actual meeting, you’re welcome to do so but you don’t have to. We thought this might be a better way engage with potential volunteers and others than our usual meeting-only approach.

If you want to come, please RSVP by clicking here and we can provide the details. (We do this so that we know who is coming and can ensure that we meet in a big enough space to accommodate!)

And last but not least…

Free Movie for Teens at Danforth/Coxwell Library: Insurgent 

Next Wednesday (Aug 26) for teens 13+ including free popcorn and door prize!

Movie Night ft. Insurgent

And it’s Movie Night this week at the Market: How to Train Your Dragon 2!



Stay cool, East Enders!

Next DECA Board Meeting: Mar. 18

Have you been meaning to check out a DECA meeting to learn more about what’s going on in the ‘hood or find out how you can volunteer? Our March meeting will be a good one to come out to. We’ll be holding it on Tuesday, March 18 in the Art of Danforth‘s Community Hub space in the Linsmore Tavern. This is ground zero for AofD as they gear up for their May festival and they’ve graciously allowed us to check it out.

Send us an email to info(at)danfortheastcommunityassociation.com to let us know if you’d like to come and get the rest of the details.

Hope to see you there!

(Sorry for the confusion when we originally posted that the meeting is on Monday rather than Tuesday.  Thanks to our faithful readers for correcting us.)

Get movin’!

Another fitness post? Well, what can we say? There’s always news to tell! Here goes:

Pegasus/Flygirl Fitness Sampler – Thursday September 5

Dance schools are not just for dancing! Check it out! Sampler classes are FREE!

Sept. Open House poster

Free Yoga – Sunday September 8

From 2:00-3:00 p.m. at Stephenson Park (south of Danforth, just west of Main) this Sunday, where Kevin McDonald (self-proclaimed “Leader of the Male Yoga Revolution”!) will be leading a free yoga session for anyone and everyone. It will be geared for people at moderate+ levels, but it’s a park, so if you are a beginner, I say go anyway! :)

What to bring: yoga mat or beach towel, comfy clothes that you can sweat in, water bottle, sense of fun! If it rains, the session will be cancelled. (Don’t judge, it’s totally legit to cancel if it rains!)

Bomb Wellness is moving October 1

And the best part is, they are moving eastward into a bigger space that happens to also be in DECA territory, closer to Coxwell Avenue! Read all about it in their blog post: http://www.bombwellness.com/2/post/2013/07/bigger-and-better.html They are a neighbourhood favourite so if you haven’t checked them out yet, please visit their website or facebook page for more info.

Do you want to come to the next DECA Board Meeting?

Okay fine, this one has nothing to do with fitness. Unlike fitness classes, DECA Board meetings are actually right up my alley – sitting, usually with a glass of wine in hand, laughing and learning with friends/neighbours while slowly making amazing changes in our community. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Maybe you won’t work up a sweat, but if coming to our Board meeting is of interest to you, please email Anita here for more information and details. The next one is this Thursday, September 5 @ 7:30 p.m and it will be held at one of our local, licensed establishments.

DECA Board Meeting, TEGH News & Bollywood at Monarch

DECA Board Meeting – TONIGHT

A group of your neighbours are meeting tonight to talk about pop-up shops, arts fair, trees, and other cool events in the neighbourhood – otherwise known as a DECA Board meeting.  The meeting is at 7:30 pm.  If you want to know the details please send us an email.

A Few Items from Your Local Hospital

  • Toronto East General is refreshing their strategic plan and is looking for community input.  Have a look at the online survey and let them know what you think by clicking here.
  • TEGH and Toronto Police Service, together with neighbours and local city councillors, recently celebrated the creation of new mobile crisis intervention teams (MCITs) where a nurse trained in mental health accompany’s police to 9-1-1 calls where a person is suspected of having a mental illness or being emotionally disturbed.  Read more about it here.
  • If you’ve ever been asked to ‘turn your head and cough‘ then this one is for you!   TEGH Urologist Dr. Rajiv Singal will be hosting a tweet-chat this Thursday to answer any questions you may have.  Follow #prostatecare from 6:30-7:30 pm on March 21st to join the discussion.
  • Speaking of colons… if you’d like information on colon cancer and local services, visit the information booth that will be set up in hospital’s Coxwell Lobby on March 26th from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.  

Going Bollywood for Monarch Park

Students at local high school Monarch Park Collegiate are hosting a evening of Bollywood food, dance and a silent auction in support of a student trip to India.  Have a look at the poster below for all the details.  Bollywood

Three Things for you this Week

DECA Board Meeting – Tuesday

Come one, come all! The hottest event in town Tuesday, February 12 (aka today!) is the DECA Board Meeting. Okay, maybe not the hottest event but I don’t get out much so I’m really looking forward to it. There will be updates on the pop-up shops, East Lynn Farmers Market, DECA Arts Fair and so much more. If you’re interested please send us an email.

Makin’ a Racket at the Rocket – Friday

This Friday, February 15, there will be another edition of the Spoken Word Celebration at the Red Rocket Coffee House via Open Minds. This open mic night for poets, storytellers and authors will also feature author Eufemia Fantetti and playwright Sandra Cardinal. Show start at 7:00 p.m.

More Fitness Options at Monarch Park

There seems to be no shortage of options one has to stay fit in this neighbourhood. And now Monarch Park Stadium has expanded their offerings to include boot camps with kettle bells. And if that wasn’t enough, they are also offering ‘spin & run’ classes. Because there is nothing I want to do more after a spin class than go for a run. Really. But apparently the first class you try is free so you might as well try it out and let us know if you can walk the next day.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

Something Old

Tintypes are back!

If you came to last year’s Danforth East Arts Fair, you likely noticed a photographer hiding under the hood of an old-timey camera to take portraits of other patrons. That’s Horst Herget, and he was creating tintypes right in East Lynn Park, developing the images on tin in just a few minutes and recreating an ancient art form in the process. Perhaps you caught his recent “Face the Danforth” show at Crema.

We’ve been getting questions about whether he’s returning on September 15 & 16. Lucky for you, the answer is yes. If you’re interested in having Horst take your picture, click here to drop him a line in advance, or stop by his booth in the northwest corner of the park.
Prices range from $45 to $75. You can even get your image framed right there in the park after Horst develops it. Doesn’t that make gift giving easy?
Something New
Have you noticed the store called Shoe Clearance on Danforth, just east of Monarch Park?
This is a clearance store associated with a shoe store with locations in Riverdale and the Beaches, with many prices discounted to far less than half the original. So our neighbourhood gets great quality shoes for adults, kids and babies at a fraction of the cost? Yay us! Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon – 7 p.m.
Something Borrowed
You’re invited to the next DECA Board Meeting
The next DECA Board meeting is on September 11, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Are you a DECA member who would like to attend, or someone else with a reason to want to go? If so, we’d love to borrow you for an evening. We meet at a local licensed establishment, so think of it as a night out with neighbours rather than a “Board meeting” per se. If you would like more information, please email info@DanforthEastCommunityAssociation.com and someone will get back to you with more details.
Something Blue
Did you stop receiving DECA Diaries to your email?
We’ve heard that some people stopped getting our blog posts right to their inbox. We think that this occurred when the emails stopped coming from Natasha’s email account, and switched over to decadiaries(at)gmail.com. If this happened to you, please check your spam filters and add our new email address to your safe list. You can click here to notify us if any problems persist.