Summer water fun

It’s here, it’s here, it’s officially here — summer is finally here! The summer solstice is passed; the school year is almost over; and now it’s time for sun, heat, and outdoor water fun! Summer is the time of year where pools are best enjoyed outside. On a hot humid day there is nothing quite like diving deep underwater to finally feel relief from the heat. Even better is when you take a break from splashing with your friends and the hot, humid air feels comfortable again….until, of course, the sun dries you off, heats you up, and you are ready to jump back into the water all over again.  Fortunately, whether you want to fully dunk yourself, get your feet wet, or feel a few sprinkles, there are many fun, water-play places in our DECA community.

In the summer, Monarch Park Outdoor Pool is the place to be. With a large pool and Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 10.46.59 PMchange rooms, a water slide, and plenty of room to sit surrounding the pool this outdoor pool is a great place to beat the heat. Plus, there is a separate entrance to a warm wading pool with jets for the littlest water lovers. Not quite in the DECA boundaries, but too much fun to exclude, Kiwanis Outdoor Pool is another outdoor pool option nearby. The pool and change rooms are smaller than Monarch Park, but it also has a water slide, trees for lounging in the shade, and it is a bit shallower than Monarch Park Pool. Also, just outside the pool area there is a great splash pad for kids of all ages.

If you aren’t quite ready for full submersion in a pool, or you have lots of little ones with you, try the wading pools and splash pads in the area. Painting the wading pools at both East Lynn Park and Stephenson Park is organized and wading poolfunded by DECA, so we always get excited when it is time to play in the water. East Lynn Park has a great wading pool with sea creatures painted on it and trees nearby for shaded rest areas. The water is frequently cold, but somehow the kids never seem to mind and it is particularly popular on Thursdays during the Farmer’s Market. Stephenson Park has a wading pool with beautiful whales on the bottom painted by local illustrator Tak Bui. There is even a legend naming all the whale species on the adjacent shed. The Stephenson Park wading pool has more sun than East Lynn Park which means there are fewer shaded areas to rest, but the water is a bit warmer. The sun exposed wading poolat Oakcrest Parkette is warmer than the rest and has the advantage of being in a smaller, quieter park. If wading pools aren’t your thing, don’t forget about the splash pad at Gledhill Park. Gledhill Park is a small, fenced in park most appropriate for younger kids, and the splash pad reflects this fact. A dragon and a flower that spray water are hours of entertainment, and there is lots of shade for those who need a break from the water fun.

On those summer days when swimming outside isn’t an option, don’t forget about our neighborhood indoor pools. Main Community Centre and Earl Beatty Community Centre both have nice pools that are open to the public and always a good way to get in some water time.

Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some sunshine and water-play fun in the DECA ‘hood.

Outdoor pools

Monarch Park, 115 Felstead Ave

Kiwanis Outdoor Pool, 375 Cedarvale Ave

Wading pools

East Lynn Park, 1949 Danforth Ave

Monarch Park, 115 Felstead Ave

Oakcrest Parkette, 30 Oakcrest Ave

Stephenson Park, 61 Stephenson Ave

Splash Pads

Gledhill Park, 125 Gledhill Ave

Kiwanis Outdoor Pool, 375 Cedarvale Ave

Indoor pools

Early Beatty Community Centre, 455 Glebeholme

Main Square Community Centre, 245 Main Street











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