Spot the Difference

O.k. we’re going to play a game here.  If you’re reading this on some teeny mobile device, you might want to check it out on something bigger. Ready?

1. Spot the difference in these two photos.

If you said anything about flowers, trees, greenery of any kind, give yourself one point.

2. Spot the difference in these two photos.

If you said, one is a much-vandalized wall at Main St. and Stephenson and one is a brand new beautiful mural depicting that corner from years gone by, give yourself 5 points.

3. Last one.  Spot the difference.

If you said the picture on the left is Ashbridge’s Bay beach and the picture on the right is the fabulous East Lynn Farmers’ Market, give yourself 10 points and go buy DECA board member, Tak Bui’s, new book, Spot The Difference, in which these two puzzle pictures appear along with many others.

Tak is actually responsible for all of the above achievements. With some help from DECA, he successfully lobbied the City to improve the landscaping at Main and Stephenson. Working with a few young artists, Tak painted the fantastic new mural at the same spot to try and deter vandals (it was tagged the first day, but Tak has since fixed it). He’s also been creating three community gardens in the same area that have fostered community involvement and made that space less inviting for criminals and more inviting for other community members. In his free time, he lead a team of DECA board members to create some fabulous DECA t-shirts (available at the farmers’ market) and paint an incredible whale mural on the wading pool at Stephenson Park playground.

Now count up your points.  You win!

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  1. Dear decadiaries, 

    I found the phrase “less inviting for…homeless people” offensive. Please regard the homeless with a little humanity. If you or I weren’t so fortunate we might be in the same situation. Thanks. 


    Ps. I generally enjoy the pieces you write, keep up the good work!

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