Something to say about the TTC?

Has the subway gone past you twice because it was too full?  Got an opinion on strollers on the TTC?  Or perhaps the friendly fare collector who makes you smile every morning needs to be recognized?  TTC is looking to hear about it!  Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon is hosting a session with TTC’s Chief Customer Officer, Chris Upfold, on customer service.  It will be held at the Navel Club next Tuesday, January 29th at 7pm.

And if you haven’t heard, there are some local TTC construction projects in the works.  The Easier Access Program at Coxwell Station and the Second Exit Project at Woodbine Station both have construction planned to begin in 2013.


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  1. In 2010 this was announced with a 2013 estimated completion date – now it seems 2016. As recently as 2008 there was a push for a 2017 possibility of all stations accessibly with a 2020 goal, pushed to 2025 by 2011.

    Whatever comes of this meeting lets make the accessibility happen ASAP both for those with special mobility needs and to prevent a tragic accident with an infant.

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