Show Royal Beef some love

Thanks to James Madge for this post:

Do you know Carmen Estrela?

She’s your friend. She’s your neighbour. She’s the woman who runs Royal Beef, that fantastic neighbourhood butcher that helps you feed your family. She’s the nice lady who hands out free salami to occupy your kids while you are shopping, and the one who sponsors your hockey team.
Carmen is having a bad week. Heck, a bad month.
Thieves broke into her business the other day, smashing things in their wake. 
They’d already broken in three weeks ago, stealing the $200 that was in the cash-register float. Carmen opted to leave the empty cash register open after that break-in. They smashed it anyway.
She is stressed about all this. Not only do these break-ins keep her up at night, but they cost her money.
Carmen Estrela is your friend, your neighbour.
Go see her this weekend. Buy something. Tell her you heard about the news and that you are sorry. That’s not the kind of neighbourhood DECA is. It’s a place where we take care of one another.
The money you spend will help ease the expense Carmen has incurred because of these thieves. 
The consideration you show here will go a long way in helping her feel better


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  1. NOPE. sorry -no love for those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals. You should know better than to post something so unethical.
    Please sit down and watch “Earthlings”, take your blinders off and realize what kind of cruelty you are supporting with every bite.

  2. please think about all the animals who have had their lives stolen, please stop profiting from them !!!

  3. Anthea and Chloe, am I to surmise that you support the criminals who have attacked this neighborhood institution? That you believe a business which delivers high quality food of a sort consumed by the majority of people in the neighborhood should have to contend with this sort of violation? Eat what you choose and go with God, but don’t sully this expression of sympathy with your arbitrary moral code.

  4. Chloe and Anthea — please have as much respect for other people’s choices as we do for yours. I choose to eat meat as well as eggs, dairy and a variety of grains and vegetables. I do not disrespect you because you choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Everyone deserves respect, and no one deserves to be kicked when they are down — which is what you are doing with your post. I’m sorry when anyone in our neighbourhood is victim to violence — including businesses that profit by providing food that their customers want. By the way, they have wonderful cheeses, olives, pasta, and condiments that you may actually like if you would take your head out of your…

    Oops, almost degenerated into a full on rant. *sorry* :-l

    Go in peace, Chloe and Anthea. Or maybe just go.

  5. A good reason to shop more at Royal Beef. :)

    A couple years ago Silly Goose got robbed, and after that they started putting the empty cash register tray inside the front door (so possible thieves could see there was no money), on the advice of the cops.

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