Saying Goodbye & THANK YOU to our Farmers!

So long, farewell…

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to put on the East Lynn Farmers’ Market, here is how our stats for the season break down:

  • 17 market weeks with 85 total hours of vending (farmers standing on their feet with a long drive to and from Toronto before and after)
  • 600 warm meals made with love from 23 of your neighbours to feed the farmers, who otherwise wouldn’t get to eat dinner on Thursday evenings
  • 212 hours donated by dedicated DECA volunteers (including many by ‘Farmerlicious Femme’ Alison McMurray)
  • 16 different groups set up at our Community Table to spread the word about their organization
  • 425 little faces painted by Rebecca and Renee and their team of student volunteers
  • 24 hours donated leading crafts, singing, dancing from our friends at Mrs. Darlings Imaginarium, Silly Goose Kids, Pegasus Studios, Oaks n’ Acorns, Career Fit Mom, Silver Spirit Karate and Sprout Kids

That’s a whole lot of giving from our community!

Why do we do it? Clearly, because of all that the farmers give to us. They give us countless early mornings picking and packaging fruit and veggies, weekends spent turning sap into syrup, late nights making berries into jams and hours raising beautiful animals into healthy, locally raised meat. They also give us the precious time it takes them to drive, set up, and unpack at the park each week, and then to drive home after a long afternoon and evening of work. While we picnic, splash, chase and chat on long, wonderful evenings, the farmers are there too, working, making the whole thing happen for us.

I know that I speak for many when I say, a great big “THANK YOU!” to the farmers!

Make sure to come to the market this Thursday, and while you’re stocking up for the week, buy a few things for your freezer, and take a moment to say thank you and farewell to this year’s farmers.

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  1. Thursdays were special this year, thanks to the farmers who participated in the market and the volunteers. A huge thank you to each of you for the delicious fresh fruit and vegetables and homemade pies we enjoyed each week!

  2. Thank you so much to all the organizers, farmers & volunteers who made the East Lynn Farmers Market a truly wonderful experience for me & my family this year: delicious, farm-fresh, nutritious food & produce, served up at reasonable prices by friendly people in a park-like setting, close to my home, and on a small ‘human’ & very personable scale — what more could anyone possibly ask for?! I’m only sad that the market is now over for the season, but I will look forward to its return in Spring/2014 & in the meantime, I hope to catch some of the farmers at other Toronto-area markets that are open for a few weeks longer. Thanks again!

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