Sandy Aftermath & Pub Crawl Praise

Sandy Aftermath

Well, almost 24 hours has passed since the worst of Sandy blew over Toronto and we’re hoping everyone is with power and managed to escape with minimal property damage.  We are glad that no injuries were reported, although it seems that the east end was hit hard with power outages overnight.  In fact, many residents were without power well into the morning, along with some local businesses, schools, and daycares, some of which were shut down for the day.
Some DECA Board members did visual surveys of area parks, and here’s what we know:
  • There was major tree damage to Monarch park.  Six large trees are gone, several others lost significant limbs and a bench was ripped out of the ground, concrete footings and all. (see photo below)
  • East Lynn Park had a few big branches down on the north side of the park but no major tree losses or damage.
  • Stephenson Park and the Williamson Ravine were very much spared from major damage.
What did you wake up to this morning?  If you have pictures of the local storm or storm aftermath, please share them on our Facebook Page or let us know in the comments below what happened in your area.
Remember to call the City at 3-1-1 if you see damage that requires attention.  If the damage is related to a hydro wire, call Toronto Hydro at (416) 542-8000.  (That is also the number to call during a power outage, so it might be worth keeping it in with your flashlights and candles.)


Good times had by all at the DECA Pub Crawl

A little over a week ago, neighbours came together for drinks and samples at local bars.  Here’s a note from the organizers, Tara and Susan, recapping a great evening.  The good news is that they’re already planning the next one!

Wow, what a drizzly turned sizzly evening the Danforth Pub Crawl was. We, Susan and Tara, would like to personally thank all the business owners and participants. 

It was a great success for all! The host restaurants had new customers presented to them, and the Crawlers were introduced to places they had never had the pleasure of visiting! All of us became fast friends, and we found some hidden talents/products/services amongst us all too.

The hosts at each restaurant showered us with heaps of goodies, which were doled out all night as prizes for raffle draws, being on time, and for just being there at all!

Susan had the great idea to ask the biz owners to chat about their restaurants, some history and their specialties. Tara asked the pub crawlers to stand up and promote themselves too. We all quickly became interested, and found many common interests to talk about.

We started the Pub Crawl at Sidewalk Cafe, where Enza made delicious Italian sushi and mini martinis.  We donned our feather boas and Hawaiian leis to make us stand out in the crowd. 

The next stop was Sarah’s where we sampled wine, beers and appetizer platters in our own room with a fireplace.

A little damp, we arrived at El Sol’s where the beef tacos were ready and served up quickly with delicious margaritas that warmed us up fast. 

TKO’s was our next destination, and we had plates of pulled pork sliders, mini burgers and beer samplers. 

Some Crawlers used taxis, but for the rest, the last walk was long, wet and song-filled! Mostly we sang and bugled Singing in the Rain. Someone knew all the words, and it was fantastic. 

When we got to Relish, it was warm and inviting, and the service was super; they gave us free beer samples! Joanne from Relish initially gave us the super idea to end the night at her place, Relish, as Karaoke started at 10pm on Thursdays! (Turns out Tara has a twang when she sings country!)

Jason from Toronto Model Photography captured the happenings with his camera, so thank you Jason. 

We’ve already started planning the next outing! Please feel free to email Tara if you would like to join us next time.  We will also be sure to put the info out on the decadiaries as soon as we know our plans.

Tara & Susan

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  1. Okay, you have to tell us how that park bench got wrapped around that one (or two?) trees. Is it two trees where the first had a bench around it and was blown into a nearby second tree? Or one tree that split verically but can’t clearly be seen from the picture? Or something else?

  2. It was a four-sided bench built right round the base of the tree … sort of a local landmark spot within the park. The big walnut was part of a destroyed four-tree cluster just northeast of the playground.

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