Rain garden workshop and native plant sale

Rain Garden Workshop – May 21

Thanks to Heather Bean for this post:

Did last summer’s torrential rains find their way into your basement or flood your street? Consider planting a rain garden: a plot of native flowers and grasses strategically placed to absorb stormwater runoff. These little gardens can suck up a surprising amount of water: up to one inch of rain on your entire property. Rain gardens are designed to drain completely, so your backyard won’t be harbouring any baby mosquitoes. They also filter water that would otherwise carry contaminants down to the lake–and into our drinking supply.

Sound pretty great? Want to learn more? On Thursday, May 21 at 7 p.m. at Kimbourne United Church, Toronto Region Conservation Authority experts are offering a workshop to discuss the latest developments in rain gardens, rain chains, rainwater storage, and permeable paving. Click here to register (the registration setup is a bit disorienting, but yes, it is free!).

Native Plant Sale at Artisans at Work – May 16 & 17

Don’t forget to vote in our #DECAgems contest! Click here for all the info, and please join us on Thursday at Hirut when we will announce the winner!! 

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