Pop-up Shop Alert! The Handwork Department

Meet Our Newest Pop-up Shop: The Handwork Department

The Handwork Dept | 1801 Danforth Avenue | Tues. to Fri. Noon – 7pm, Sat. 11am – 6pm

Have you noticed a fun new window at 1801 Danforth? DECA’s newest pop-up shop, The Handwork Department, opened quietly a few weeks ago and we are overdue in sharing the news. The Handwork Department is Maggie Krawczyk’s pop-up shop and she has completely transformed the drab empty space and filled it with an eclectic mix of vintage and artisan goods.  There is something for everyone, from the vintage furniture, ephemera, 35mm cameras, toys and housewares to Maggie’s own handmade jewelry and art, works by other artists, kitchen items and more.

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Maggie is a self-taught jewelry artist who started out as a full time machine operator in the commercial book bindery trade. While working in the factory, she discovered her love of origami and creating fun items for people to enjoy.  After selling her first few pairs of origami earrings to coworkers, she began to formulate a plan to leave factory work and follow her passion. She is the maker of a few different lines of jewelry including amazing tiny origami creations that she transforms into jewelry called Neogami, and jewlery which is made using text cut from vintage adult novels called XXXLittWear. She is also as an avid photographer of local abandoned buildings, and she’s excited to bring all her creations under one roof, including her experience working in vintage shops. She’s been stockpiling items in her garage in anticipation of opening her own store, and she’s even been spotted toting old ladders on the subway for her new shop, much to the entertainment of fellow riders.


Maggie has named her store The Handwork Department as a homage to her early years spent as a factory worker in the commercial book bindery trade, before discovering her talent for jewelry design and ability to run a home based business. She is looking forward to working with other non-classically trained artists and crafters, to help them sell their products.


Between the imminent opening of Kops Records two doors down, the ever-popular Tool Library and now The Handwork Department, that little stretch of the Danforth is getting livelier and livelier. Please stop by! Not only might you find a great little gift for someone you know, or a fun little treasure to add to your own personal collection, but you will also be supporting DECA’s efforts to revitalize the commercial strip.

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