Out Of The Zone

I must admit to being ‘out of the zone’ of DECA diaries of late. It’s been the holidays, the goings on at Earl Beatty – from the ball ban to the potential closure of the community centre and heading out west for Christmas, I’ve just not been in blogging zone. In honour of being ‘out of the zone’ this post is full of stuff that is out of zone. We try to keep this blog very focused on the happenings that fall very close to DECA’s borders because as soon as you extend it a little bit, geographically or content-wise, things get out of hand pretty quickly. But, herewith a few out of zones.

The Projection Booth

This is a new rep theatre on Gerrard between Pape and Jones. It boasts art, schlock, indie and foreign films. It grew, according to the three owners, “out of a desire to support Canada‚Äôs vibrant filmmakers and create an intimate and unique theatre going experience. Since opening in August 2011, Projection Booth has become known for outside the box programming and a commitment to showcasing the best in independent and world cinema.”

They’ve got Bollywood Sundays, Super Punch Saturdays, Fright Night Fridays, documentaries and a full slate of other films to discover. They are also renting out the space (Toronto’s oldest running cinema, the website says) and looking for new films. Thanks to Cameron Tingley for sending this find our way. www.projectionbooth.moonfruit.com.

Oil Painting For Beginniners

If your news year’s resolution was to do something more creative or try something new, then maybe you need to check out Julie Glick’s oil painting classes. You might know Julie from her pet portraits, but she does so much more than that (as you can see above). Classes start in February and you can learn more about the classes and Julie at www.julieglick.com

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