Not To Brag But….

Since the only thing I do for DECA’s farmers’ market at East Lynn Park is to write about it and eat my way through it, I feel absolutely no need to be modest about it.  Thank you to Renata for pointing us to the fact that Toronto Life has put out it’s list of the best farmers markets in the city (the top eight) and guess which little community market appeared on it?   Yes, we made the list!

Why?  Because we have an incredible group of women who put in tons of volunteer hours to arrange the special events, work with the farmers, paint faces, set up tents, get permits, make caramel apples, organize buskers etc etc etc.  And because we have fabulous volunteers who cook for the farmers (a unique and much-loved piece of east Toronto hospitality) and pitch in whenever we need them.  And because a LOT of people come and shop there and hang out with their neighbours.  And because we have a terrific community vibe that the farmers thrive on and that makes going to the market an ongoing, community building event that helps people get to better know their neighbours and make our neighbourhood safer and more vibrant and at the same time supports local business by significantly increasing foot traffic on the Danforth.  Umm.  I think that’s all.

The market starts next Thursday (June 3rd).  This year, every day at 4:30 there will be a family-friendly activity.  And if you’re looking to sit down and just soak up the atmosphere, check out the new farmers’ market cafe.  Of course, we’ll still have all our special events – from the spring strawberry social right to the fall harvest pumpkin festival.

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  1. It’s NOT bragging when you are encouraging us to support our sweetheart Ontario farmers, fill our bellies with deliciously nutritious and fresh produce, and hobknob around a gorgeous park with our fantastic neighbours!

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