Next DECA Board meeting July 31 – you’re invited!

Thanks to Sarah K. for this post

What do you get when you combine passionate local volunteers with laughter, tears and votable motions? Well, that would be a DECA Board meeting!  Our next bi-monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, July 31 at 7:30 p.m., and we would love for you to join us!  (Just joking about the tears!)

What happens at a DECA Board meeting?  Our meetings are where we meet to chat, laugh, debate, brainstorm, share, and plan all of our neighbourhood improvement events and activities.

Maybe you don’t know us?  Don’t let that stand between you and DECA. We are your neighbours, and truly, we believe that more is merrier!

Once upon a time we used to meet in each other’s homes but DECA folk are just too much fun for even the most sizeable East York kitchen, so we moved to a local restaurant! That’s right – you can order food and drink at our meeting to tide you over to the very last motion!

Our meetings are open to all DECA members, and/or to anyone interested in volunteering or helping out in some way. If you’re interested in attending the meeting, or if you have any questions about DECA, please email info(at)

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