Music, art, math, and sports for kids in the ‘hood

With the start of classroom learning and the slow approach of winter it is time to find new ways to keep your kids challenged, entertained, and building new skills. Luckily there are many types of leagues, lessons, and classes available in the ‘hood for kids of all ages (and some for adults too!).  We have likely missed some great options but this is hopefully this can help you plan ahead. We know that some places have specific registration dates so by now classes may be full while for others, registration may not have opened yet –  we still wanted to have as much info in one place as possible!

If your kids are into music and want to learn an instrument, perhaps they could try piano lessons at the Galloping Goat Music Studio or guitar lessons at the 12th Fret. Or perhaps they want to participate in a larger music program they could try the East End Music Project, the Upper Beaches Music School or Elite Music Academy. Maybe your kids aren’t quite old enough for structured music lessons and you just want them to learn to enjoy music and dance then you might want to try Oaks ‘N Acorns or Rainbow Songs. If your kids want to forget making music and learn to dance then Pegasus Studios,  The S.P.A.C.E or Toronto Dance Company might be the place for you.

Maybe your kids like creative activities, but music isn’t their thing, then try the classes at the Artcave, Create Art Studio, or Fresh Paint Café. For a different type of creativity the Toronto Tool Library has many maker activities and The Cube, which is not quite in the DECA boundaries, has coding lessons for kids. Also don’t forget the Toronto Public library has a large selection of workshops and regular programs for kids.

If your kids want or need some intellectual support for school activities there are even tutoring services available in the ‘hood. Kumon Math and Reading Centre or Miss Math Tutoring might be able to provide the academic help your child needs.

For active kids who need to run there are a plethora of sports and physical activities in the ‘hood. For soccer, East York Soccer has the most leagues in the area, but Cherry Beach Soccer has leagues in the area and both Little Kickers and Monarch Park Stadium offer soccer lessons for little kids. Monarch Park Stadium also has baseball, floor hockey, and basketball leagues for kids. Hockey, baseball, and basketball leagues in the area are run by East York Skating, East York Baseball, and Toronto Lords Basketball OBA. East York Gymnastics rounds out the East York sports offerings, while Jack of Sports and Beaches Swim School offer swimming options year round. Last but not least, don’t forget about all the activities offered in the area by the City of Toronto.

Last, but not least, martial arts are always a good way for kids to burn some energy, build strength, and learn confidence. Dragonz Martial Arts, Sam Lumpini, Bell’s Martial Arts, Centerline Martial Arts, and Desantos Martial Arts all offer kids’ lessons and a variety of fighting styles.

No matter what kind of experience you want for your kids, don’t forget to check out all the wonderful selections close to home!

City of Toronto Program Registration – tomorrow!

Registration for the City’s recreation programs begins at 7 a.m. on September 13 for Toronto and East York. Visit or refer to the printed Fall/Winter FUN Guide to browse and choose programs. You can register online at; by phone (Touch Tone Registration (TTR) is available at 416-338-0000. Operator Assisted Registration is available at 416-338-4386); or in-person at select locations. A list of these locations is available here, by calling 311 or by speaking to staff at a City community recreation centre. **Remember you need a family number and client numbers for each child ahead of time! Use the above contact info to find out more**




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