Mrs. Darlings Is Darling

There are spaces still available for the registration programs at Mrs. Darlings. Feel free to drop in.


This weekend only, visit Mrs. Darling’s temporary studio where young creatives 4-14 can explore many mediums and material in workshop format. 20 participant to a class and four facilitators to help imagination became reality. Jewelry making, paper crafts, edible art, DIY, paper mache, fibre arts, group art, upcycling and re purposing – they will learn that they can create something beautiful from almost anything. There are also two drop in studio times where craft ideas and materials are ready to go, and families could mingle, create and play together.

Saturday, October 27, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

9am-12pm   Drop in. Animal masks, all ages. Duct tape wallets and flower accessories with Martina Rocks!  Best for ages 8+. ($10 for both activities) Group canvas in honour of Stella Bruner Methven. (Free)

1-2pm     Paper mache taxidermy, Narwhals. Best for ages 6+. (pre-registration required, click here). ($15)

2-3pm     Framed silhouettes (pre-registration required, click here). ($15)

3-4pm     Chanel inspired Peter Pan collar necklace and graffiti bracelets (pre-registration required, click here). Necklace best for ages 8+. ($15)

4-6pm     Wooden spoon puppets. Dramatic story time (pre-registration required, click here). ($15)

Sunday, October 28, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m

9am-12pm  Drop in. Fantasy make overs! Fairies, princesses, pirates and super heroes oh my! Wear your favorite alter ego costume and make, new accessory and get a little hair and “make-up” done. ($10)

1-2pm    Glittered tee shirts (pre-registration required, click here). Best for ages 5+ ($15)

2-3pm    Mini monster and bunny stuffies (pre-registration required, click here).($15)

3-4pm    Candy sushi to eat and candy bracelets to wear (pre-registration required, click here). ($15)

4-6pm    Dress up and dramatic story time. Play and be silly while acting out a favorite children’s story (pre-registration required, click here). ($15)

Mrs. Darlings Imaginarium for Girls and Boys – A place to play with art and discover the art of play. To explore, make believe, and follow where ever their imaginations take them. Mrs. Darling encourages the inspired magic with drop in times, where children and their parents can mingle and create, with facilitators to guide and encourage, as well as classes for more elaborate projects and intimate instruction. 


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