Movie stars in our ‘hood, Silly toy drive, and 2012 wrap-up

Hollywood has come to us

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our pleasure to inform you that our neighbourhood is part of the set of the latest Robocop instalment.  Are you jumping up and down with excitement?  Yeah, we thought so.  You’re welcome.

Fake stores constitute part of the set of latest Robocop movie

Silly Goose Partners with Woodgreen Community Services

Our friends at Silly Goose Kids are up to their usual awesomeness.  In addition to wrapping gifts for $1 donations to Woodgreen, they are also helping with Woodgreen’s annual toy drive.  See below for the details:

And last but not least, a few words from DECA’s fearless leader (Anita, our Chair) as we prepare to bring 2012 to a close:

DECA is a fairly unique residents association, in that we came together because we wanted to build something, not fight it. Five years ago, we banded together to help make our neighbourhood more vibrant, walkable, safe and fun.  We’ve come a long way since that initial meeting and this past year was our busiest ever.
The list of our projects for 2012 is impressive:
  • a weekly Farmer’s Market,
  • the bigger-than-ever Danforth East Arts Fair,
  • a hugely successful Harvest Moon Festival,
  • the third annual DECA Pumpkin Parade,
  • first-ever Kids Gear Sale,
  • the painting of neighbourhood Bell utility boxes,
  • new pop-up shop initiative along the Danforth (now called Renew East Danforth),
  • a new historical mural at Main and Stephenson,
  • beautification of the Stephenson Park area,
  • the forming of a new DECA Trees group,
  • first-ever DECA pub crawl,
  • expanding of the ever-popular DECA Diaries blog to a team approach
…and so much more! We like to think DECA is having an impact. And to continue, we need your help. How, you’re wondering? I was hoping you would ask!
An annual membership to DECA is just $10 per household. This $10 gives us a small budget for our projects, but more importantly, it gives us credibility and clout when dealing with city hall and other groups. And, let’s face it, with all the neighbourhood events and projects it gives you access to, $10 is a steal!

Please, if you live in our borders and you haven’t renewed or paid for your DECA membership yet, please take a minute now to do so by signing up here:

All of DECA’s accomplishments have been due to the dedication of some AMAZING volunteers.  Thank you to everyone who pitched in to lend a hand this year!  Needless to say, our neighbourhood is so much better because of it.
We need more of you though!  We’re a relatively small group of volunteers for the number of project we have going.  So if you can spare even just a couple of hours a month, we need your help!  Send us a note to see how you can pitch in, by clicking here.  If these projects doesn’t grab you, but you have an idea for another one, please speak to us!  All of our projects started off as just a small idea in someone’s head…
Before I sign off …
It needs to be said that most of our biggest volunteers sit on the DECA Board.  I want to personally thank the members of this past year’s team, every one of whom has committed countless hours to improving our little pocket.  I am perpetually in awe of your energy and drive to make things happen.
Looking ahead, I am excited to work with the 2013 Board and other volunteers, and to see what successes the coming year will bring to our community.

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  1. A huge thank you, Anita, for what you, the DECA board and all the DECA volunteers are doing for our community. Your work, enthusiasm and creativity is much appreciated.

  2. I’m not sure if its a good or a bad thing that our neighbourhood can stand in for Detroit, let alone a Detroit set in the near future that’s worse than the Detroit there is now!

  3. We thought this too, at first, but considering that we have multiple pop-up shops starting next week, I think this is a great example of how DECA identified a need, and is now working to revitalize our neighbourhood!

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