More market magic, now with momos!

The Nepali Momo family at the market in 2022

Our first week of the market was hopping! We are keeping the magic going this week with an encore performance of fairy door painting and glitter tattoos, thanks to The Princess Lily Series and Karina Sadu realty, respectively.

This week we are excited to welcome back Nepali Momos and their delicious dumplings! They have them hot and ready for a park picnic or frozen for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner. Also this week, you’ll be able to wash those dumplings down with homegrown ginger beer from Gingerbug or regular beer from Muddy York, as you wish.

We will also welcome back Hiveshare honey, Hooked prepared foods and fish, Oy’s Joy’s baked goods, St John’s bakery, Mad Mexican salsas and chips, and Just Shut Up and Try It sauerkraut and kimchi!

PS …we are still looking for volunteers for the yard sale morning and the market through the summer. Find the signups at