Meet the Makers! And don’t forget the mending workshop.

Don’t forget the mending workshop Thursday night at 8! (that’s tonight if you’re getting this in your Thursday morning email).  REGISTER HERE

We asked our homeschool questions of our workshop leader, Shirley, and Fabric Spark’s owner, Daryl.

1. History:
How long have you worked at your business/in this field? How long has your business been in the community?
Fabric Spark is about 8 years old, but we’ve only been in the east end for 4 years. Before that, it was online only. 
Shirley is a lifelong sewist and teacher of many things including most things fabric related. She is a teacher and sewing coach for Fabric Spark.

2. Geography:
What’s your favourite place in Toronto?
Daryl -I love walking in Wilket Creek, I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid.
Shirley – I grew up on the Humber River but now I call the Don River valley my local hiking space.  
What other east-end businesses do you recommend?

Other East End Shops?  For Daryl,  it’s all about the food:
Cafe Coroco
Mon K (Shirley too) 
Knuckle Sandwich
Sharman’s Proper Pies – (Shirley too)

3. English:
What are your go-to websites/channels/books for additional info on your skill?
Daryl – Visible Mending and Mending Matters
Shirley –  the two books above and for embellishment with Embroidery: Creative Stitching by Sue Spargo