Lock up! Rash of bike thefts in this area

Please note that there have been a rash of bike thefts in the neighbourhood.  We are told that thieves have been going into back yards, sheds and garages to steal bikes, so please be sure to lock up!  Remember to report to police any suspicious activity that you might see.  The Toronto Police non-emergency number 416-808-2222.

By the way, did you know that you can report many crimes online?

For more information on safety and crime prevention, contact your local Division: 55 Division (south of Danforth), 54 Division (north of Danforth)

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  1. There has been a rash of break ins on Milverton this week – 3 homes hit within a block. All via the back door/back window – some were left open providing easy access, some were broken into. Might be worth a note to all to be watchful of this and any strange cars that may be sitting on the street watching people’s schedules? The ones who an try to prevent this is us – by working together.

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