Let’s give a little love to Gerrard’s on Sat – please share

Remember when we crowned Gerrard Pizza & Spaghetti (1528 Danforth) as our DECA Gem on May 14?

We have all likely heard by now that last Saturday, just two days later, a terrible crime occurred at Danforth and Coxwell. What you may not know is that this was right next door to Gerrard’s, and during that ordeal, Gerrard’s front window was smashed.  Vito and his family are now out-of-pocket to pay the high deductible to get it fixed.

So, friends and neighbours, let’s do what we do best and show Gerrard’s some love.

DECA and Gerrard’s are happy to announce that SATURDAY, MAY 23 FROM 1-5PM, COME TO GERRARD’S FOR A SLICE (Veg or Pepperoni) + a PINT OF CRAFT BEER FOR $10!  This neighbourhood special will help Gerrard’s recover some (or all!) of their costs, and we all get to drink beer and eat pizza in the afternoon. Win-win!

*Update* – if beer ain’t your thing, a slice and a pop can be yours for $3.50

The special will end at 5pm but don’t let that stop you from heading over there for dinner on Saturday!

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