Get ready for the Pumpkin Parade in East Lynn!

The pumpkin parade is back in East Lynn! Bring your pumpkin (and candle) to the park on November 1 and line it up with the rest of the community’s. This is always one of our favourite events – magical jack-o-lanterns, kids playing in the dark, neighbours enjoying a night out in the festive aftermath of Halloween. We hope you can make it!

If you are available to volunteer, we could use marshals/candle-lighters to work 545-8pm, and clean up crew to work 8-830pm. Clean up crew get to toss the pumpkins into the big city compost bins, a surprisingly fun job (especially for a team of very active 8year old cub scouts, as we had last year!)

Email (or just respond to this post) if you have questions or would like to volunteer!