First Farmers’ Market Tonight!

Are you going to the East Lynn Farmers’ Market this today? Who else will be at the market this today?

Farmers!!! Some of our favorites from previous years plus some exciting new additions will be offering their goods this year.  You can find berries, eggs, dairy products, honey, organic meats, potatoes, corn, and so much more. I even hear there will be fresh coffee for sale.

Who else will be there you ask?  The good people from 32 Spokes will be at the market this week offering bicycle tune ups as well.  In fact, they’ll be there the first Thursday of each month.  So if your uni-, bi- or tricycle is in need of some love bring it by the market this week for some TLC.

And if you want to take in more of the creativity of the community, reps from Art of the Danforth will be on hand to tell you more about what you can take in the final days of the event.

Stay tuned for more info about next weeks official grand opening and 5th anniversary celebration of the East Lynn Farmers’ Market.

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