Farewell to our Farmers for 2012

Sniffle. It’s time to say farewell to our farmers for yet another year. Don’t forget to come to East Lynn Park on Thursday to say goodbye in person and fill your cellars and freezers with local delights. This year we tried to give you some insight into the farmers, their families and their products by profiling them on the blog. We hope you enjoyed.

Thank you to all the farmers:

Once again our community showed their appreciation to the farmers by providing a lovely dinner each week. Thank you to this year’s line-up of culinary volunteers: Alisa Metcalfe, Shelley Pogue, Diana Gonzalaz, Ruth Heathcote, Catherine Dorton, Nicola St. John, Kirsten Hurd, Mary Egan, Melanie’s Bistro, Amoy Lowe, Susan & Bruce Crofts, Nicola Yap, Brenda Chow, Susan Spratley, Patricia Chartier, Ruth, Tak Bui, Sheila Colla, and the Ceili Cottage. If you’re interested in helping out next year, please email shelleydarling(at)yahoo.ca.

And thanks to all of you for supporting the local farmers each week and making the East Lynn Farmers’ Market the best in the city.

See you next year!

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  1. We moved into the ‘hood earlier this year – and are instant east, east end converts. This has a lot to do with the friendly and happy vibe at East Lynn Park. Thursday evenings have been a highlight – being able to stop off at the Farmers’ Market after a day of work/daycare action has been a real highlight. (Plus, being able to give my hungry kid a fresh cob of corn made everyone happy!) Hats off to the farmers, their families, the volunteers and DECA for making the community so lovely and liveable.

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