Earth Day Workshop

Our third workshop in the DECA Zero series is Thursday night. We are excited to learn more about zero waste living with Mira from The RePlace, and then get our garden planning questions answered by Erin from Dirty Girl Gardening. You can REGISTER HERE

We asked Mira our “home school” questions. Read on to find out her local faves and recommendations!

1. History:

How long have you worked at your business/in this field? How long has your business been in the community?  I’ve never owned my own business before opening up Poured and The RE Place.  I knew nothing about green living or eco friendly choices until just a year and a half ago.  When my eyes were opened to what is happening to the planet, I just had to do something about it and became passionate about sustainability.  I’m still learning and truly believe that it’s all about the journey.  

2. Geography:

What’s your favourite place in Toronto? Glen Stewart Ravine at 7 am.  

What other east-end businesses do you recommend?  Moberley Fine foods compliments our ethos so well and they’re so great there!  We also love Cumin for some great eats

3. English:

What are your go-to websites/channels/books for additional info on your skill? Truthfully, I’m a full-time working mom of a 3, 5 and 7 year old.  Whatever spare time I have is dedicated to being with my family because hey, the days are long but the years go by way too fast. 

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