DECA’s 6th Annual Cocktail Party & Annual General Meeting – Nov 24

Please join us on Monday, November 24 for our party/AGM!


Candidates for Election to DECA’s Board of Directors

Sheri Hebdon (Chair) – current Treasurer

Anita Schretlen (Treasurer) – current Chair

Alison McMurray (Secretary) – current Secretary

Amanda Olson (Member-at-Large) current Member-at-Large

Jane Davis-Munro (Member-at-Large) current Member-at-Large

Melissa Peretti (Member-at-Large) current Member-at-Large

Shelley Darling (Member-at-Large) current Member-at-Large

Stephen Wickens (Member-at-Large) current Member-at-Large

Catherine Porter (Member-at-Large) returning Member-at-Large

Audrey Kvedaras (Member-at-Large) new

Corinne McCabe (Member-at-Large) new

David Del Grande (Member-at-Large) new

Jodi Shanoff (Member-at-Large) new

Linda Ballantyne (Member-at-Large) new

Mark Rullo (Member-at-Large) new

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