#DECAgems for Kids

John and Heidi of John's Hobbies

John and Heidi of John’s Hobbies

Parents: have you ever tried to “just take a quick peek” or “check out what this place is like” at a local kids’ business—while you have your kid in tow? Yeah, me neither. We would likely be rewarded with either a) a major meltdown or b) a sizable hole in our pockets.

So for those moments when your kid grew 6 cm overnight or you need a last minute gift for your niece or nephew, your neighbours and #DECAgems are here to help!

Ages and Stages (1522 Danforth) is a consignment clothing shop specializing in children’s and maternity clothing, and also sells toys, games, outdoor equipment, pretty much anything you need for little ones. Mia says, “the owner, Nicki, goes out of her way to help local families find great deals for family and children’s products.”

Merrily, Merrily started out as an online store and now has a pop-up shop at 1854 Danforth. Jason nominated this “phenomenal baby and tots clothing consignment store” as a DECA gem on our Facebook page, adding that “what is amazing is that every item they have is also online so you can shop and reserve or buy before you even get there.”

Meri echoes the thoughts of so many of our neighbours: “Argh it is so hard to just choose one, our stretch of the Danforth plays host to so many unique and amazing businesses!” She settles on Silly Goose Kids (2054 Danforth) because “the owners do an amazing job contributing to the community via donations and their time. They have created a wonderful and welcoming store, hosting a wide range of year round fabulous events. It’s the place my son and I most look forward to shopping in.”

Universal Diapers, 1987 Danforth and East Lynn Avenue, specializes in baby and adult diapers and offers a variety of other clothing items. Lori nominates it as her #DECAgem, “the owner, Lewis, was fantastic at ordering in what I needed and over the last four years has changed his store significantly to meet the needs of parents in the neighbourhood. Aside from diapers, this store is a great alternative to a big box store for baby/kid stuff.”

For a slightly older crowd, Steve recommends John’s Hobbies (2188 Danforth), a long-standing Danforth fixture. “I still remember thrill of going John’s Hobbies with my mum to buy an Aurora AFX slot-car racing set, and considering we rode the streetcar over from Yonge, it had to be pre-1966. Even then, John’s was a Danforth fixture and gem. Aside from selling model kits, radio-controlled planes and classic train sets, the place lives by its original slogan: ‘We service what we sell.’”

What are your other favourite #DECAgems? Tell your neighbors about them! Spread the love. And nominate them on Facebook (DanforthEastCommunityAssociation), Twitter (@decadiaries using the hashtag #DECAgems) or by e-mail at DECAgems@gmail.com.

— By guest blogger Razili Datta

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