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DECA is re-establishing its urban forestry group – DECA Trees.  A few tree-minded folks have come together to put some energy into making our trees healthy and vibrant. The first of the tree posts is below.  If you would like to get involved or know more about this group, contact Anne at

Did you know that trees grow at night?

And to make that happen you have to water your local trees, especially the young ones (and maybe the poor dying tree down the block too).

Young Trees

Trees didn’t grow up wanting to be jammed into a barren hard packed narrow boulevard in the city  with dogs peeing on them- but here they are. You can’t correct the where- but you can help them survive and grow. Young trees need to be watered 2-3 times a week.

The finger test:  Stick your newly manicured nail a few inches into the ground near the tree. If it doesn’t feel damp – it needs water. You can also do a visual check and to see if  the leaves are wilting. If they are, the tree is in distress and should be watered a.s.a.p.

How Much? 

For a small tree- about 8-10 litres (about 2 gallons )  2-3 times a week. How hard is that?  It’s a great kid summer project and it’s very rewarding. The first year the tree is madly trying to establish a root system. Next year stand back and watch that tree grow ! (keep watering though).

Because of the narrow hard packed boulevard into which so many trees are planted the water will likely roll into the street, and not soak into the ground . You’ll have to use a drip method.  A hose left on a drip will give you enough water in about 20-60  minutes to adequately water the tree. Ideally water at the drip line. (The drip line is the area under the outer edge of the tree branches. There are tiny roots here that take up water for the tree as it drips off the leaves.)  Trunks don’t need water and wetting them can cause fungus growth and rot.

There – you’re done!  2-3 times a week.  Encourage your neighbour to do the same. And water other street trees that are being neglected. Here’s the bonus…carrying watering cans is great way to tone the triceps!

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  1. Great story and good advice! We need to take care of our trees and get ready to plant new trees as eventually — and sadly — we may lose our many ash trees to the emerald ash borer.

  2. I’ve started bringing a container to my local park (Oakcrest) where there’s a water fountain near 3 struggling oak saplings. While the dog is chasing a ball I fill up the container and carry it to the closest oak sapling to water it. If everyone adopted a park tree like this fewer of them would die in their first year or two. Imagine if everyone came to the park with a 1-liter bottle of water and watered the nearest sapling – they’d all be getting 8-10 liters a day!

  3. Great to hear Robin. I know that dog people time their park time and hang out and chat in a group so please encourage your park friends to do the same. New York city has a successful adopt a tree program-online no less! If the famously busy New Yorkers can do it we can too! I think it’s important for people to have back up people to water when they are away on holiday. Once trees get to a certain “wilt point” they do not recover..

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