DECA Memberships & AGM

Hi DECA-ites!

Remember that the DECA Community Cocktail Party (and, shhhhh, AGM) is this Monday from 6 – 9 p.m. at Melanie’s Bistro.  The food will be fantastic. The people will be witty, charming and entertaining and the bar will be cash only.  That is a terrific place to buy or renew your membership. It’s only $10/year/family.

If you have recently received a message from ‘’ – that’s not spam, that’s us!!  It’s DECA. Don’t delete us.  You can buy your membership there as easy as 1, 2, credit card.

Why should you fork over $10 to be an official member of DECA? Well, just for starters, here are the top five ways that DECA has improved your neighborhood this year:

1 – We bring you the weekly farmers’ market in East Lynn Park.

2 – We are transforming stores on the Danforth, from drab to dynamite.

3 – We hosted the third annual Danforth East Arts Fair in September.

4 – We repainted the East Lynn pool this spring. We are improving your parks.

5 – We kept you up-to-date with our blog:

We are your neighbors. Join us! If you can’t come to the party, sign up on our website:

If that’s not worth 10 bucks, then should join the board and tell us what you can do.  Want to know more about that?  I’m at natasha.granatstein(at), let me know.




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