DECA Exec Meeting Tues Jan 25th 2011

Any DECA members are welcome to come to DECA executive meetings.  I will post the information about the next meeting in April.  Here are the minutes of the last meeting.

DECA Minutes Meeting Tuesday January 25th, 2011

In attendance: Natasha Granatstein, Rachel Jolicoeur, Mary Vallis Cowan, Lorraine Cheng, Catherine Porter, Shelley Darling, Anita Schretlen, Sheri Hebdon, Steve Wickens, Sarah Kiriliuk, Peter Schmiedehen, Bryan Spratley, Kim Dolan, Cameron Gunn, Angela Matich, Cindy Rozeboom, Honey Dacanay, Tom Howell, Melanie Thompson, Michelle Silver, Melanie Ramsay and Alison McMurray



An introduction with just the DECA executive took place from 7:30-8:00pm as it was our first meeting after the election.


Safety committee:

Community safety walk planned

Self Defense class at Dragonz martial arts date tba

recruits needed for this committee – please contact Rachel Jolicoeur if interested


Farmers’ Market:

No barricades this year which frees up time and energy for more planning with festivals

1 volunteer per festival, easier to plan

Volunteers needed to help at the DECA table at the market – 2 hour shifts

see Alison McMurray or Cath Porter


Business Revitalization:

Cozy Café in need of help in order to keep them operating

Marketing plan and lighting key points

upcoming facelifts:  Royal Beef

Catherine Porter would love to hear of any other hidden gems that could be put on the list


Arts Fair:

In it’s 3rd year, dates for 2011 – Sept 17-18th in East Lynn Park

volunteers needed see Mary Vallis Cowan

Especially want to have food this year either outsourced or as a fundraiser

Meeting at Mary’s house Feb 26 to help plan



There is a new board and chair at the Danforth Mosaic BIA

DECA was not involved in the election process of the new board

Sarah K. was the liaison but has stepped down, Steve Wickens is interested in sitting in on meetings as an observer

The new chair will meet with Natasha and Steve and Sheri after the BIA meeting Jan 31st



The terms of reference document needs to be updated

Sheri H. will email this out and invite comments

Want to clarify what is expected of members

Only DECA members can come to DECA meetings


Toronto East General Hospital:

DECA has been asked to give feedback on the renovation proposal for TEGH

many of the areas of the hospital are inefficient

DECA was asked to provide a letter of support for the renovation.  It did and it mentioned the importance of a new hospital to our community as well as suggesting ways that  TEGH could keep elements of historical importance such as the lobby in the design of the new hospital, including a multi-media archive that would be accessible to residents and honour those that have helped build the hospital through their generosity

Steve W. has also written a letter outlining the various elements of historical importance and has set up a date for DECA to tour the hospital



Angela M. has the website finished it just needs to be approved

There will be a paypal link and Peter will send her the membership form to be included

The pamphlet is also done but we need a printer to do the job


There is no Greening Committee, if someone is interested, please contact Natasha


Monarch Park

Steve W. would like to see improvements to Monarch Park especially the ice rink

He has met with Jutta Mason of Dufferin Grove to get ideas on how to make the rink more accessible to residents and more of a community space

He suggested a parks and rec committee to do an inventory of the spaces in the DECA area  – Steve, Cath, Sarah, Honey, Angela, Alison, Cameron, Cindy, Anita

Cindy R. will help by adding cultural arts spaces to that inventory

Future plan to map this on the DECA website

Cameron G. expressed an interest in getting a fire pit going in East Lynn park and/or Monarch park – committee will investigate further

Sarah K. noted that a renovation to Monarch Park would be a catalyst for the residents there who have not heard of DECA

A rink committee for Monarch park was also formed consisting of Steve, Catherine, and Sarah

the quality of the ice is not good (bare concrete) and it is underutilized there are also issues with ice time



BIA money is needed to get the project get done as the city is more apt to do business if a BIA is behind it

proposed mural on south side of Danforth – Toronto Honda wall

2012 –Art of Danforth would like to include a mural in the event



Melanie T. is taking over the committee, info to come




TTC bus barn update:

Brian S. updated us that with a new mayor and new councilor and Build Toronto involved there may be some movement on this site

DECA to be involved in the planning process to see the space become a jewel in the hood


East Danforth Creative Collective:

Cindy R. updated us that the group is now non-profit so they can apply for grants and fundraise for future projects

It is a loose artistic collective and Natasha is on the board

Planning stages – Global Danforth music festival with music, dance and visual arts drawing on some of the communities that live in the hood

Cath P recommended that we have a showcase of that at the Farmers market


meeting adjourned:  9:32pm



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