DECA Connects’ Second Ideas Fair Meeting

Remember how 75 people raised more than $30,000 to sponsor a Syrian refugee family come to Canada, by sleeping out on in tents on a wintry night?

The DECA Connects committee organized that.

Remember the table table tennis tournament this past summer, when 36 neighbourhood teams raised $1400 towards DECA’s inaugural Young Leaders scholarship for budding activists?

That was the DECA Connects committee too.

The magic formula of both ideas: one part community socializing, one part good cause.

What do you think we should do next?

We are having our second IDEAS meeting.

Here’s how it works — you think up a good idea, come to our meeting, and pitch it to the room of your neighbours in one minute. Then, you listen to all of their minute-long pitches. At the end of the night, the assembled group votes on which project we should take on next. We might even combine some of them into something even better, because a dozen brains are always better than one!

That’s what happened the last time: Sarah proposed a ping pong tournament in our parks so the new tables got more use, and I pitched the scholarship for a low-income budding community activist, and by the end of the night, TA DA, we had “Table Tennis for Tuition.”

Come join us on Tuesday October 4, at 7.30 at Gerrard Pizza, 1528 Danforth.

Bring your appetite for pizza, neighbourly banter and social justice.

As always, if you want to join our committee, we’d love to have you. Email us at

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