DECA Community Meeting March 20th, 7pm

Where: Sarah’s Cafe and Bar, 1426 Danforth Ave, in the back room

When: Wednesday March 20, 7PM

Why come out to a DECA meeting?

It’s an opportunity to meet the current Board and learn more about DECA. It’s also an opportunity to share your ideas… and watch them grow!

12 years ago when DECA started our neighbourhood had many boarded-up storefronts. East Lynn Park wasn’t a family destination… there simply weren’t a lot of family-friendly destinations in the neighbourhood. You had to walk a long way to find a good cup of coffee and, to many, a sense of community was missing.

Flash forward to present day. The DECA Pop Up Shop initiative helped rejuvenate the abandoned storefronts and made #DanforthEast somewhere people wanted to open small businesses. The DECA East Lynn Farmers’ Market ushered in the revitalization of East Lynn Park, the beating heart of our neighbourhood. We have the best arts fair and the largest community yard sale in the city. We’ve helped sponsor Syrian refugees and raised money for scholarships.

But our neighbourhood is not perfect… and neither is DECA. There are still many opportunities to be explored and partnerships to be made! And there is more work to be done to help our neighbourhood be more inclusive so that everyone feels valued.

And that takes work!

Little steps. Big leaps. It all makes a difference!

Hope to see you there.

As a special call out, please let us know if you may be interested in blogging with us and come out to meet with us if you can. We’d love to chat. Otherwise email (Apologies for anyone who has not received a reply – our email was having issues, but now is working!)

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