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Emerald Restaurant, on what I’m now calling ‘Cafe Corner’ on the southwest side of Danforth and Woodbine, is serving Indian food.  One of DECA Diaries’ favourite local restaurant critics, Paul (he eats out a LOT) went tonight and promptly sent this review…


I have just returned from my dinner with friends at Emerald Restaurant, the new Indian place at Danforth and Woodbine. The chef is from Goa, and is enthusiastically planning to include dishes from that part of India; as of yet the menu is still in development, but includes a variety of standard Indian fare and some international dishes, such as spring rolls and ribs. I am a vegetarian and the chef was very helpful and accommodating with my questions. We began with a variety of samosas and kebabs; the samosas were really excellent, cooked to order, with a mix of vegetables and fresh coriander, and very crispy but not at all greasy. For the children with my group, the chef recommended the mild shami kebabs, and they too were much enjoyed. The curries we ordered for our main courses came with fresh-cooked naan breads, and a basmati pullao rice. I loved my cauliflower curry and mixed vegetable curry combo, and my friends’ chicken tikka masala was pronounced “the best ever.”  A gigantic serving of chicken biryani had to be mostly taken home! As all the curries are prepared to order, the chef helpfully suggested that one could call ahead to order; their preparation took quite a while, but the rewards of freshly prepared food are obvious to the tastebuds. The drinks are currently limited to pop or water while the restaurant awaits its’ beer and wine license… a selection of juices and lassis would be welcome…along with perhaps a nicer selection of music… the radio station playing in the background didn’t provide much in the way of ambience. With the very reasonable prices and the welcoming, friendly service, Emerald restaurant provides good home-style Indian cooking to our neighbourhood.

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  1. I agree. I went there and was impressed by both the food, and the generosity of the owner. I would rate their vegetable samosas with the best in the city.

  2. Oh my goodness the food was awesome.. Yes they have take out.
    I have been going to this restaurant ever since it opened and the service is one of the best as well as the food. The Ribs were very juicy and tender.. but I must say the are famous for their Honey Pineapple Meatballs, and the Pure Honey Chicken Wings.

    The best part for me going into this restaurant is that the serving is huge you will always have food to take home, you pretty much get your moneys worth.

  3. I just found this place by accident on Woodbine. And let me say the food is excellent. Ya there menu is still in the works, but they just opened. but if the rest of the food to come is as good as the current food, the wait for a updated menu will be well worth the wait. The Chef is very kind and helped us with great recommendations. If you decide to go, I would suggest the sweet pineapple meatballs, the beef samosas or the short rib combo. One of the best indian restuarants!!!! Glad to have it in the neighbourhood.

  4. I have to correct something I wrote above: we had a bit of a misunderstanding; the chef worked in Goa, but he is not actually Goan. As a Chowhound post pointed out, the menu is generally Punjabi food. Since the review appeared above, I have been several times, and always with a warm welcome and delicious food. The kitchen is still awaiting some various equipment to be installed, which will allow an expanded menu; I really look to seeing how this restaurant will develop.

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