Danforth East Arts Fair: Bonnie Dorgelo of Dorgelo Jewellery

In our series of artist profiles leading up the Danforth East Arts Fair, writer Shauna Rempel introduces us to Bonnie Dorgelo of Dorgelo Jewellery

Jewellery maker Bonnie Dorgelo’s fascination with stones began early: as a child she collected rocks and even entered her collection into the local fall fair.

Fast forward to today and the established artisan has become known for exciting, contemporary sterling silver jewellery featuring semi-precious stones. When it comes to semi-precious stones, Dorgelo says she selects pieces that have visually appealing colours, patterns and shapes while paying attention to the special properties they carry. “I find intriguing ways of combining shapes, textures, sheens and other opacities.” Combined with Swarovski crystals and wrought in sterling silver, the result is classic yet unpredictable.

Although they can easily be considered heirlooms, Dorgelo’s earrings, necklaces and bracelets are not meant to languish in a safety deposit box. She says her “versatile, interchangeable and detachable designs” have an elegant yet casual attitude.  They  are “intended to be worn as often as one wishes,’’ she declares.


For Dorgelo, who grew up on 100 acres of land and is currently based in Collingwood, nature is a constant inspiration. The graceful sweep of a flower petal, the cascade of water over rocks or moonlight as it streams through the branches of the tree — all are fuel for her creative pursuits.

This multi-talented artist, who is also passionate about painting, says she encourages everyone to find their own inspiration and pursue their creative dreams.

Bonnie Dorgelo’s jewellery, which range in price from $10 to $500, will be for sale at the Danforth East Arts Fair in East Lynn Park on September 15 & 16, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information about the Danforth East Arts Fair and our artists, visit www.deca-arts.ca, or check out Facebook and Twitter.

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