Danforth East Arts Fair – Bix Bakery’s artisanal ice cream

In our series of profiles leading up the Danforth East Arts Fair, Arts Fair volunteer, Mary C. provides a mouth-watering preview of food vendor, Bix Bakery. 
You wouldn’t want to put Christy Conte’s art on a pedestal or hang it on a wall. Not that it isn’t beautiful. But it would melt.
Conte sells delectable coconut milk ice cream and sundaes out of a cooler. Think exotic — blueberry basil, pear lemongrass, maple roasted banana and dark chocolate with candied bacon. And it’s all dairy-free.

A few years ago, after Conte was diagnosed as gluten and lactose intolerant, she left her high-powered corporate job and embarked on a career working with food. After apprenticing at St. John’s Bakery, she opened Bix Bakery, and is working out of the Hollywood Foods kitchen on Ossington Ave. She’s been selling her frozen wares across the city this summer — handing out tastes on Ossington and popping up at the Toronto Underground Market and Apple Tree Market. Now she’s headed our way.
Conte will be joining the Danforth East Arts Fair for the first time on Sept. 15 & 16. Her artisanal ice cream is three bucks per cup — or four bucks for three sundae toppings. We’re talking praline sauce, seasonal fruit, ginger cookie crumble or candied bacon. That’s a treat worth sharing, don’t you think?
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