Danforth Development Updates

Well, that wasn’t a very exciting title for this post, but here you are reading it so now you are validating my lack of creativity.  The truth is that development along the Danforth is a topic that we all want to know about.  Thanks to our most excellent City Councillors in Wards 31 and 32, we have lots of great info to share!

2362-2388 Danforth Avenue (formerly Status Auto, north side @ Westlake Avenue)

Since we have all had a chance to recover from the shock of losing our trusted mechanics at Status Automotive (they sold and closed up shop a few weeks ago), it’s time to start asking – what will become of the empty auto shop now?  It appears that it will be used as a car wash!  Thanks to Ward 31 Councillor, Janet Davis for this update and for organizing a community meeting about it:

The City Planning Department has received an application to construct an 8 bay car wash at 2362-2388 Danforth Avenue, on the north side of Danforth Avenue, west of Westlake Avenue. A car wash is permitted on this site, and no amendments to the official plan or zoning by-law are required. A site plan application and minor variances will be required.

While no community consultation is required, I have asked the applicant to meet with the community to provide neighbours the opportunity to ask questions and share their views. The Community meeting details are as follows:

Proposed Car Wash at 2362-2388 Danforth Community Meeting
Wednesday May 22, 2013 @ 7:00 PM
Danforth Mennonite Church, 2174 Danforth Avenue

Representatives for the developer will provide an overview of the design and substance of the proposed development. City Planning staff will be present to comment and answer questions.

2359 Danforth Avenue (Morris Auction building, south side just west of Sobeys)

We mentioned that this site had been bought by developers and Ward 32 Councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon hosted a community meeting with them last week.  Did you go?  Well, about 40 people showed up and were able to chat about concerns related to noise, shadows, building height, parking etc.  Generally, people were quite happy to hear that the site is being developed.  The derelict, burned out lot will not be missed by those of us who live in this neck of the ‘hood.

Last week’s meeting was not part of the formal application process, but an attempt for the developers to proactively consult with neighbours and get input as early as possible in the process.  DECA is not taking a position one way or another on this development at this stage, but as we’ve said before, we really appreciate the transparency and goodwill.  Many thanks to Councillor McMahon for facilitating the conversation between the builders and neighbours.  We are so glad to start this process off on such a good note.

The application will be submitted in the coming weeks, and then it will go through the wheels of City bureaucracy for a while.  We are told that the mandatory community consultation will likely take place sometime in September.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Sheri,
    If you’re looking for a mechanic, you don’t have to go far. My neighbors got me onto Sunny’s. Its the green building beside status auto, at the back of the pet supplies store.

    Sunny is a really friendly guy. I feel that he’s quite honest. He’s told me what needs doing now and what can safely be put off. He knows me by name and knows my neighbours names too. A really jolly guy that I take my business to.


  2. The Morris Auction building is definitely run down but it’s a shame if they tear it down: it was formally the home of the Acme Farmer’s Dairy and some evidence its old life is still visible behind the paint. We lose so much of the history of our area every time a building is demolished. I blogged about the dairy here:


  3. Re: 2359 Danforth Development

    No notice was received in the Stephenson & Westlake Avenues where I live and in this neck of the ‘HOOD’ we are not very happy that this development which does not suit the area is being pushed through by DECA and the Ward 32 Councillor

    Donna Braniff
    Danforth East Association of Ratepayers Inc.
    (D.E.A.R.s of the Danforth)

  4. As far as we know, no formal application for development has been made so no notices of consultation would have gone out. The meeting and communication to date were goodwill gestures, not required. Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to Ward 32’s Councillor McMahon. DECA takes no position on the development and as a residents’ association (for an area that includes Westlake and Stephenson) we are volunteers/neighbours with no authority to “push through” anything.

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