Perfect Summer Afternoons

The forecast for this evening is lovely – a great night to head out to the market!  All summer long, I’ve been taking my two little boys to the market, buying some fruit and cheese, taking part in the 4:30 fun activities, playing in the wading pool and chatting with friends and neighbours along the way.  It’s been week after week of wonderful afternoons in the neighbourhood.  I’m not alone, I’ve heard other stories of perfect summer afternoons at the market too.  Do you have one you’d like to share?  Post it here on the blog or send it to me and I’ll post it.

This week promises to be no different.  See you there. – Natasha


In decidedly less pleasant news, several cars on Drayton Ave. were broken into last night.  The thieves went through glove compartments and storage spaces looking for valuables.  Items were strewn all over the cars this morning.  Apparently the cars were locked.  Just a reminder to lock your vehicles and don’t leave any valuables in them.  Also – be sure to report these kinds of incidents to the police. They likely won’t do anything, but all of these reports get filed and the more incidents that get reported, the more police are dedicated to a particular area.  If you don’t feel like calling them, send an e-mail here for north of the Danforth and here for south of the Danforth.

Second Exit At Coxwell

I was wondering why the TTC was putting in second exits all along this stretch except Coxwell station.  The TTC tells me that it has identified 14 high priority stations for emergency second exits and Coxwell is not one of them.  On the other hand, the TTC does have a plan to install elevators at all stations, however Coxwell is not slated to get an elevator until 2013.


Thank you to all of you who have offered to donate to help paint the pool at East Lynn Park.  I was surprised by the number of you who want to help.  This neighbourhood is awesome.  Anyway, we’re working on the best way to accept donations.  We can’t paint over the graffiti in the pool until the season is over because it takes at least three days to cure.

Green Hair Care (Not Just For People With Green Hair)

Paola Girotti of Sugar Moon wants you to know that they are now carrying a eco-hair-care line called Onesta. She’s also offering a free gift with your full-body brazillian.  ‘Nuf said.

Sweet Summer Stuff

DECA Learns – Canning Cherries and Peaches

DECA’s next Bernadin canning workshop is tomorrow – July 21st with the delightful master of all things preserve – Emerie!  This week, peaches and cherries.  The workshop is at 7:30 p.m. at the Danforth Mennonite Church at 2174 Danforth.  RSVP to Mary-Margaret McMahon at or 416-693-9276.  Suggested donation $5.00.

East Lynn Farmers’ Market

Oh we’re in the thick of it now.  My fridge overflows with local produce.  The bounty is rich and the atmosphere at the market is absolute delight.  At least that’s how it looks from the vantage point of my little boys…peaches, cheese curds, face painting, wading pool.  Does it get any better than that?

This week at 4:30 – unicycle tricks that will wow you.

Big Hole Update

Thanks to DECA member (and volunteer) Jon Isaak for sending along this update on the condodevelopment at Danforth and Woodbine from Tine Major at the City of Toronto Planning Office:

The rezoning application is almost ready to be reported on and the final report recommending approval may go forward to the August Toronto and East York Community Council meeting.

If you would like to know more or comment on this, contact Councillor Sandra Bussin at or and/or her executive assistant, David McCully at

Toronto Police Services and You

Whenever we speak with the community policing officers at 55 Division (south of the Danforth) and 54 Division (north of the Danforth) they always tell us the same thing: if you see something untoward, call us.  Even if they don’t come that time, it gets filed and the more calls they get, the more likely they will be to pay attention to this particular area.  If you’re like me, however, you might not always call because you don’t want to deal with the hassle or you don’t have the time.  When DECA met with other residents’ associations in the east end last month, we learned that you can also e-mail these sorts of non-urgent complaints.  Genius.

For 54 Division (north) – use this form or call 416-808-5400

For 55 Division (south) – use this form or call 416-808-5500

Poking Around For A New Book?

Book Swap

Summer’s coming… and it’s time to stock up on some fresh summer reading.  If you have books that you are finished with and you want to trade them for some new ones, come to the neighbourhood Book Swap happening on Saturday, May 8 from 11-1 at True Brew cafe (2116 Danforth – on the north side, just east of Woodbine).

We’d love to see books of all kinds — picture books your kids have outgrown, vampire fiction your teenagers might be willing to part with, thoughtful treatises on living the green life, cookbooks, comic books, book club rejects… anything in good shape and ready to be shared.  Grab a coffee, chat with your neighbours, and tread a little more lightly while you’re at it.  Any leftovers will be donated to school libraries or charity.

(P.S. I noticed True Brew is hosting a free coffee day on May 12th – you’re welcome.)

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party To Save The Peace Theatre

You’re invited to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in support of the Peace Theatre – an organization committed to transforming the lives of at-risk children and youth in Toronto.  On this, the theater’s 10th anniversary, the Peace Theatre is in danger of closing its doors – for good.  Over the past ten years the Peace Theatre has helped thousands of at-risk youth and it needs our support to help it continue.

On May 12, 2010, join musicians Joe Sealy and Paul Novotny, Monsoon and others while sipping some Mad Hatter spiked tea and yummy bites at Revival on College St.  The goals is to raise $40,000.  Learn more at or 416-752-1550.

Business Revitalization Team

Thank you so so much to the wonderful volunteers who came to help out with the Business Revitalization Team last weekend.  Giving up a few hours of a precious Saturday is much appreciated!  Our next project is Thai Basil Kitchen (near the Honda on the north side).

If you have a recommendation for a business that you love, but could use some help from our amazing Business Revitalization Team – let Angela know at

Melanie’s Bistro

You know Melanie Ferreira is good friend of DECA.  She and her husband were profiled in the Toronto Star this weekend. Check it out.

55 Division Community Picnic

Mark your calendars for May 26th (4-8 p.m.) for the police community picnic at Woodbine Park (Lakeshore and Woodbine).  DECA will be there promoting the East Lynn Farmers’ Market so stop by and say hello.