Birthday Party Essentials

Recently we discovered many amazing places to host a kid’s birthday party right here in our ‘hood. Undoubtedly, the next party you host will be a ton of fun, but to be a true success all kids’ birthday parties need decorations, loot bags, balloons, and, most importantly, CAKE! Luckily, you can find everything you need right here in our DECA community.

Cake is essential for a birthday party. In fact, sometimes a good cake is all you need.

birthday candles





Whether you want cakes or cupcakes, Sweet Serendipity offers a variety of flavors including vanilla bean, carrot, and red velvet, with frosting options to match and deliciousness with every bite. For a beautiful hand decorated cake with buttercream frosting that will be the highlight of the party Celena’s Bakery is the place to go. Cake Town Café has a good selection of decoration options and you can choose vanilla or chocolate cake.  If you are hosting a party in the summer months try the ice cream cakes from Carter’s Ice Cream for a cool delicious treat your guests will love. Last, Sobeys near Main and Danforth is always a good option if you want a yummy sheet cake with a custom image on top.


Once you decide where to get your cake, all you need are loot bags, balloons, and decorations. Let Silly Goose Kids take care of the loot bags and they will provide you with personalized, age appropriate, bags of fun for all your guests. Helium balloons are available at both Kids Fun Town and It’s My Party in a variety of shapes and colors. Also, It’s My Party carries decorations, hats, tableware, and all your other party supply needs. Last, but not least, the Dollarama is always a good place to find decorations, balloons, party games (glow stick dance party anyone?!?!?), and loot bag stuffers.

Now that you know everything you need for birthday party planning is right here in the ‘hood, think and shop local next time it’s your turn to host!


Celena’s Bakery, 2036 Danforth Ave,

Sweet Serendipity, 1335 Danforth Ave,

Cake Town Café, 2039 Danforth Ave,

Sobeys, 2451 Danforth Ave,

Carter’s Ice Cream, 3 Woodmount Ave,

Party supplies:

It’s my party, 2208 Danforth Ave,

Silly Goose Kids, 2054 Danforth Ave,

Kids Fun Town, 2040 Danforth Ave,

Dollarama, 2064 Danforth Ave,

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