Arts Fair Shout-outs & Tips for Meeting Doggy Friends

Who to thank for another stellar Arts Fair

If you didn’t make it out to the Danforth East Arts Fair last weekend, don’t worry, you can catch us at the same spot next year. For those of you who did make it to East Lynn Park, you most certainly ran into one of our phenomenal volunteers. They were running the craft stations, at the DECA booth, photo documenting the weekend, and generally making the park a better place to be for a couple of days. This year’s fair was made possible by our wonderful community sponsors Corinne McCabe at Bosley Real Estate and Jane Davis-Munro at Pegasus Studios, as well as long time sponsor Toronto Hydro.

DECA would like to thank the social media team Shauna Rempel, Imani Thomas and Casey Palmer who have been tweeting, instagramming and facebooking for months. Thank you to Stephen Caissie and Stephen Rabjohn who spent hours photographing the fair for our archives, and to all the wonderful volunteers who helped to set up the park, greet the guests and make East Lynn the place to be: Mary and Maddy Cowan, Rob Symes, Lindsay Martin, Joanne Lindsay, Anita Schretlen, Natasha Granatstein,  Jodi Shanoff, Rebecca Green, Terry Perusse,  Annette Bourque and Naz Rabhar.

The Danforth East Arts Fair takes months to plan. The core volunteer group meet in the back rooms of local businesses and restaurants to review applications, set up marketing strategies, design posters and marketing materials and talk about art in the community. If this is something that interests you, come out an join us at one of our meetings and share a drink with your neighbours (contact deca-arts[at] Thank you to our organizers: Melissa Peretti, Melanie Ramsay, Julie Glick, Fernand Ciraco, Danna McCullough and Shauna Rempel for another great year.

Meeting Dogs 101

If your kids missed Molson, Tinker and Ellie at the doggy meet and greet at Thursday’s Farmers Market, we have the next best thing to one of their slobbery kisses: a helpful handout from the Merril Park Dog Association (MPDA) on how to properly and safely meet a dog.MPDA_4_Steps_To_Meet_A_Dog_2014_FINAL Thanks, MPDA!

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